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    Yeah, too bad, most of my cables are metric, as well.
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  • Knosti Disco Antistat?

    Any of you vinyl guys have any experience with the Knosti Disco Antistat?
    It's a bit like the Spin Clean, but uses brushes instead of felt pads?
    Also has a "clamp" to help seal the label. Small drying rack. Looks like a neat kit.


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    naw, what browser is that?

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    PolkNAD17 wrote: »
    msg - too funny! I know what you mean...I originally bought the A7s


    All things considered, the RTi line meets most of my listening needs, most of the time...and I'm hoping a few minor mods/tweaks might be enough mitigate that nasty little sting in the's most definitely the Achilles heel in the RTi line.
    Understood, and agreed. Same was true in my case getting started. In fact, I really had no idea what I was getting myself into at the time. Overall, your decisions will be about what works best for you within whatever constraints. It takes a while to figure out what you like, and to get everything the way you want it. I meant to write in my response in the recommendation to move on - "if it's feasible [to replace the RTiA]". When I first started, I became obsessed and wanted to get ears on everything. Unfortunately I didn't have those opportunities around here.

    Yes, as you note, the RTiA series is sometimes preferred for HT use over something more musical, like the LSiM series. I agree with @cfrizz in that the Signature Series, from what little experience I've had with both lines (RTi and Signature, RTi10s and S20s, respectively) provides a very, very nice balance in dual purpose systems.

    During a test period of several weeks over the Summer, I had S20s in the system, running in place of LSiM 703s. I found that I actually liked them a touch better for TV, and that I wasn't exactly "missing" the 703s for music. (The experience had me thinking back to how I enjoyed the RTi10 mains/CSi5 center combo for TV (*loved* that CSi5...)).

    That's how good the Signature Series was overall in my limited experience. I was thoroughly impressed, and loved how practical and accessible a speaker line it is.

    I was using a single HSU VTF-15 sub crossed at 70Hz for both listening types, with a Parasound front end and HCA-2205 amplifier. Of course, when I put the 703s back in, I immediately noticed the musical refinement they brought to the experience. I remember thinking, Man, had these Signatures been around when I first started, I'm not sure I'd have fallen as deeply into this gear chase as i have...

    Regarding the replacement of all speakers at once, personally, I wouldn't be too concerned at timbre matching everything right away, but with a qualifier - I don't really care a whole lot about HT, probably because I've never had the experience. If you went with S60s as recommended above, they'd probably be a close enough match with your existing RTiA series for you to get by for a good while, if not forever. If you find you're put off by the "mismatched" center, you could throw in an S30 relatively affordably. I only run 3.1, but from what I've read others recommend here, timbre matching the front three in a 5.1 is supposedly the more critical concern with respect to accurate surround sound performance.

    Of course, if it's LSiM or something similar that you want to step into, that would be a more noticeable difference, though for me, with not being a stickler for HT performance, I'm not sure I'd care/notice enough. My understanding is that most of the sound in HT comes out of the center, but if I were in your position, I'd be looking to move to my "final" speaker choice and not a series of intermediate ones. If this appeals to you and is in any way feasible as a means to incrementally upgrade, you'll probably want to do some research on HT speaker channel allocation to get a sense of just how much action each channel sees to try to determine whether timbre mismatch would be a big deal to you.

    That's kind of a tough call on your listed options. It really just depends on what you want to do. Adding those two subs isn't going to do anything at all for the hot top end on the RTiAs, so you'd only be fattening up your LFE, possibly adding some performance to 2ch listening if it's 2.2. I'd probably hold off on making any moves right now until I were able to get into the speakers I really wanted. Actually, that's a lie. *I* would probably torment myself with proceeding with the crossover upgrade. Not be entirely happy. Then I'd get the Signatures, love them for a while, but still lie awake at night obsessing over what the LSiM would be like for music... Then I'd end up getting them later on as well, ending up with a room full of speakers...

    Don't be like me.
    In fact, you should delete any bookmarks to this site, and roofee yourself.

    When you're ready, post up with a budget and preferences.
    Until then, again, welcome to the site, and enjoy the obsession!

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