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  • Re: R.I.P. Dolores O'Riordan

    Very sad and so unexpectedly tragic. I also loved the Cranberries. Always brought me back to the freer times of the early and mid 90s...
  • Re: Any B&K owners out there? Need help in a decision !

    This is actually how I currently run my HT stuff. I agree, it can be kind of sloppy, however, there's another, better option.

    Some devices have digital audio out, so it could be best to use the HDMI from these devices to the TV, but then instead of a single digital out from the tv to the AVR, go with the available digital out on the source device to the respective input on the AVR. Cable boxes, TiVo, etc. Roku Premier Ultra has optical out, as does Apple TV 3rd Gen and Amazon's Fire TV. Other quality devices, like BRP's may have digital output as well as HDMI, so you can pass the HDMI to your TV, but pass the audio over the digital out.

    I think you still get some downmixing with this kind of setup, but at least you're getting it direct instead of going through the tv?
    Nightfall wrote: »
    dee1949 wrote: »
    and out from TV digital to receiver. What are you missing??

    Depending on the TV, surround signals could be down converted to 2 channel, lossless codecs will be down converted to lossy, a TV is a terrible piece of equipment to pass your audio through. Almost certainly everything involved in audio that's inside your TV is bottom of the barrel.
  • Re: WoodWorking Router Station

    I hate that story.
  • Re: Getting the most out the RTis

    PolkNAD17 wrote: »
    Toolfan66 - I will keep an eye out for sales on the LSiM line...
    They go on sale all the time with Adorama deals, and they're an authorized dealer, so you get the warranty. Polk just had a Friends and Family sale, but that's not to be expected, nor guaranteed, though it seems to happen about twice a year. Sign up at SlickDeals and set some alerts for Polk LSiM and Polk Signature Series
    I'm not ready to abandon the RTi line.
    Abandon the RTi line.

    Something to consider ~
    WMG and VR3 are great guys and they do beautiful, high quality work, and they have countless satisfied clients around here as well as elsewhere, but I believe most of those cases to be for significant refinement of already pleasing speakers, not as a means of correction, necessarily. That said, if you are in any way serious about music, and it sounds like you are, there are better speakers for you. Just seems like your money will be best spent finding a speaker that starts off closer to what you want instead of chasing all the other refinement options, trying to build a system around speakers that don't work, and possibly still not end up quite where you want to be.

    I got into this hobby with RTi10s back in early 2014. They were not what I expected. I bought an amp. It made a little bit of a difference, but certainly didn't warm those black icicles up enough to be listenable. I learned a lot, but the speakers were still too uncomfortable for music. They were wrong for me, and, like you with your RTiA's, I really liked those speakers, and wanted them to work. I was steered to vintage Polk and LSiM. Muuuuch better fit, and I've been enjoying music ever since. The End.

    My unsolicited 2¢
    Prior RTi10 Earbleed Victim
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  • Re: LSiM 703’s

    Lot of stolen HVAC units went into the creation of those crossovers.

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