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  • Re: which speakers are better?

    99% movies go ported.

    I would take the HSU VTF2-MK5 over the PB/SB-1000. But it is $150 more to your door. So in cost savings I would go PB-1000. The VTF1 is another option but I think the SVS subs will dig deeper than the VTF1.

    My VTF3-MK5 with both ports open, set to EQ2 and "Q" set to .05 goes earthquake deep.
  • Re: which speakers are better?

    My STF-2 sounds great My VTF3-MK5 feels even better. Bass you can feel not just hear is the way to go. Then again I wonder if I'm damaging my house!
  • Re: WoodWorking Router Station

    Tony M wrote: »
    CRUSHED..... I meant to type

    I must have had a "brain memory super depression overload glitch moment" typing that sentence !

    Yea, it was glorious and then painful all in 2 min. time. :o :D :s

    Oh man, I would have got that and then tried to figure out where to put it.. I liked having a full table but having to drag it out of the shed every time I wanted to get something out sucked. azqktfts47er.jpg

    The last use of it was rounding over 1x3 Oak for another quilt ladder I made for my mom.

    Now I have room in the shed to get things out in a seconded. I don't even have to worry about putting my table saw in perfect any more.

  • WoodWorking Router Station

    Happy New Year,

    I love woodworking and setup a little shop in the yard, When not in use everything gets wheeled into a shed. I have/had a big router tablewqi7fkhbzkmb.jpg

    This kind of sucked dragging it in and out of the shed, space it took up and it's not on wheels.

    So I've seen where people put mini tables on their table saws wings for a router table. For Christmas Lowe's had a Kobalt aluminum table and router for $130. I went to the store and sized it for my Delta table saw. Then ask for it for Christmas.

    Perfect Fit

    Drill a few holes and done. Almost looks like it was made to fit.

  • Re: Best floor Polk speaker under $1k/pair

    I say S60. My bro was over for the weekend and was impressed with mine

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