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  • Re: Youse guyses might enjoy/appreciate this: "receiver reviews"

    I think it was also because it cost more, if I read correctly.
    I mean, good heavens, man, they spent 10 hours researching!
    That must be good information!

  • Youse guyses might enjoy/appreciate this: "receiver reviews"

    I saw this link posted Somewhere Else and, ever curious, I perused it.

    For all I know, the advice might be good -- but I am a wee bit skeptical, given a subsection titled "Why Should You Trust Us?" Well, that inspires confidence :)

    It goes on to say:
    We spent more than 10 hours researching and selecting models based on what more than 1,000 surveyed Wirecutter readers told us they needed in a receiver. We then spent another 70 hours installing, setting up, and testing each model in a home theater to determine which one was the best choice. This year’s process was even more extensive than last year’s, when we tested six models for 50 hours.

    I’ve been writing about and reviewing home theater equipment for close to a decade. In that time I’ve listened to dozens of receivers, preamps, and amplifiers to recognize the differences between them.
    Wow. More than ten whole hours.
    And the guy's been writing about audio for close to a decade. Heck, I've got half finished hifi projects I've been working on for more than a decade...

    Then again, maybe this is the best 'shoot out style' review extant -- and I shouldn't be so snarky.

    I am doubtful, though.
  • Re: Picked up a new Stihl chain saw

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    muncybob wrote: »
    +1 on the ethanol free gas! Makes a difference for sure. Saw a guy filling up his car with it recently, not sure I would do that though.

    HOLY CRIMENY that is like $25.00+ a gallon.

    Not 'round here :/
  • Re: Tandberg TL 5010 Speakers

    may need to extend the leads a wee bit on them Daytons ;)

    (or just rebuild the whole XO on a piece of perfboard or suchlike)

    Not seein' a big problem here (FWIW)

  • Re: Dollar store

    boston1450 wrote: »
    I went to the Dollar Store awhile back. Got 3 items & put it on the counter. She said 6dollars & tax. All i could say was "i dont understand-there is only 3 items" we both laughed & she corrected it. Made us :)

    Great to see some posts from you here again, sir!

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