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  • Re: Sony 75” TV deal rocks

    I just don’t understand this large tv trend for most folks. I get having a large tv in a HT situation but the trend of having these massive televisions in living/family room is ridiculous. Just sayin.

    When we upgraded our HT from a 60” plasma to a projector the plan was to move the 60 to the family room. Well after trying to live with it for almost a year we pretty much gave it away and purchased a 49” HDR. It looks so much better in the room than that 60. I couldn’t imagine a 75” in the average or even greater than average living room.
    Bigger is better, it's american and thats how I'm replying to this comment.

    I also have HEMI V8 so there.

  • Re: Marantz DV7600

    Yeah I heard that movie was good. But why drive in all that madness when you go watch Gone in 60 Seconds on DVD LOL
  • Re: Dream Theater

    polrbehr wrote: »
    mantis wrote: »
    I swear this new album makes no sense other then a horrible Movie soundtrack of some Drugged up out there Sh&t.
    But what did you really think of the album, you have to let your true feelings show sometimes man... lol

    IMO, Pull Me Under has a great intro, coupled with the worst ending to a song I really liked. I kinda like On The Backs of Angels too.
    Your playing with fire if you want to know how I really Feel.

  • Dream Theater

    Hello everyone,
    Any Dream Theater fans in here? I checked them out very briefly when they came out years ago and walked away thinking they over play and kinda boring here and there.
    Fast forward to today and My e guitar teacher talked about them and suggested I should check them out again.
    Well I stumbled on one of their new Songs from the new Album "The Astonishing" called " Our New World". I listened to this song and thought "Man this is a great song". So I purchased the new Album only to be hugely disappointed. My god how do you write a killer song like Our New World and have nothing else to support it or be anything like it on an Album with 34 songs? This album to me sucks badly.
    I also Purchased the Greatest Hits album and honestly I love " Pull Me Under" which I find to be on par with " Our New World". The rest of the album nothing is sticking out to me. I gotta listen to it more and try and find some other cool songs.
    There are 22 songs on it which now makes a total of 56 Dream Theater songs I own and so far I like 2.
  • Re: Dream Theater

    I swear this new album makes no sense other then a horrible Movie soundtrack of some Drugged up out there Sh&t.

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