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  • Re: JL In wall subwoofers

    These sub's do not perform like a typical in wall sub woofer. They out perform most in room subwoofers. They are truly amazing despite how much they cost.
    In this Theater we did, we had 2 of them, dude I can't express how damn low they hit. I was just floored on the performance. I didn't expect them to perform like that.
    They have a tuning microphone and man again I was floored on how well it worked. Crazy how smooth they where after the calibration.
    My next Subwoofer purchase will be a JL audio.
  • Re: Anyone into detailing cars?

    Even my engine always looks like this. I wipe it down every week when I wash it. It's just apart of how I do it.
    I wash , spray wax, vacuum, dust interior clean and condition leather as needed, Clean wheel lips , all door jams get wiped out and or spray waxed if need be. Exhaust tips get cleaned, etc.
    I don't dress my tires every wash as I prefer the clean matte black look. When I do however dress them, I wipe the dressing completely in so it looks flat black.
  • Re: Anyone into detailing cars?

    It's just how I keep it all the time, I don't even like dust or a single bug splat on my windshield.
    My wife thinks there is something wrong with me as I'll go out into the garage and just give her a wipe down, spray wax, exterior windows or a vacuum at will
  • Re: Whole 30

    Thanks guys
  • Re: What is a good price for a pair of RT800?

    Rt800 speakers new where $799 for a pair.
    Excellent shape pair should go for around $250.00 or so. For $75 for a pair why would you even ask?

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