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  • Re: Club Polk Perception

    I'm still around from time to time.
  • Sometimes you need a HEMI

    So yesterday I dropped off my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder SV. I'm very happy to see it go.
    I picked up a brand new 2017 Dodge Durango R/T and man is it awesome.
    Going back to a normal shifting transmission is something to cherish. The CVT things suck and I don't ever want to own another one.
    I'm also very happy to get away from the V6 world. Nothing like having a V8 under the hood especially if it's a HEMI LOL. The difference in sound alone is enough to make a man feel like a man again.
    Once I put some real miles on it I'll post a review. Right now I'm just proud to drive something with American Muscle.htgmiho0vasu.jpg
  • Re: AudioQuest Cinnamon HDMI Cables vs. The Cheap Stuff - Review

    I did many shootouts with various HDMI cables over the years and have very similar results as DK did.
    Im my personal system I'm running a mix of Carbon mostly with a Cinnamon up to the Display( Pioneer Elite Kuro 60inch). I stopped at Carbon because I wasn't getting any more benefits.
    If you compare side by side the Cinnamon and Chocolate, I feel there is basically no difference at all.
    When you compare the Forest and Cinnamon it's basically the same thing. It's so close it doesn't warrant spending the extra money.
    Even the Carbon vs the Forest or even Pearl for that matter it's so small you have to ask yourself if the money your spending is worth it. Some say it is, others say no.
    As tonyb pointed out , the more important thing with HDMI cables is the quality of the cable in reliability, handshake issues etc.
    I think personally the best value in the Audioquest line is either the Forest or Cinnamon. The price point IMO is very reasonable for a high quality cable and in all my years I never saw a bad Audioquest cable. I can't say that for any other brand.
    I also like DK use all Audioquest cables. The reason is first and foremost before performance is reliability. I have some old Audioquest cables and a lot of newer ones.
    On the performance side, they are extremely consistent.

    I enjoy reading DK's views on everything he reviews. He is very thorough.
  • Re: Diana Krall fans! New album

    I've listened to the entire thing now and think it's fantastic. Smooth soft and so nice to sit with a nice glass of Wine.
  • Saw Ghost and Iron Maiden Lastnight

    As usual Iron Maiden was incredible. They are just as good as they where 30 years ago.
    Wow what a show they put on.
    The Shocker of the night was Ghost. They opened up and shocked the entire place. I know this as when they where done and everyone was out in the Lobby getting drinks etc, everyone was talking about how damn good they where and not many people knew who they where.
    If you like heavy metal, if you where into King Diamond back in the day, you will probably love Ghost.

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