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  • Re: What is a good price for a pair of RT800?

    Rt800 speakers new where $799 for a pair.
    Excellent shape pair should go for around $250.00 or so. For $75 for a pair why would you even ask?
  • Whole 30

    So I have been stuck lately. I have been eating good, working out and getting no where lately.
    I learned about the whole 30 which is not a diet but a reset on your body. Cleaning up your eating for 30 days and really figuring out some things.
    I started today and giving up so many things is going to be really tuff but I think I need this in my life, I'm ready for it I think
  • May I have the forums attention PLEASE?

    OK OK enough is enough,
    I know alot of you are having fun with fighting and making a mess out of our forum...................but,
    Give me a minute and I want to tell you all a story.

    I have been posting in this forum for a very long time.Longer then just about all of you.This forum started along time ago.I will say it was about 4 years or so.It was a wonderfull place to come in,talk about this hobby,and really learn from each other.

    Today and for a long time,I feel this forum lost alot of that.I'm gonna leave that alone for now and go somewhere else for a minute......

    I am just as guilty as all you newer guys who are tearing up the forum.I had my share of it,and you know what???After it was all said and done..........I didn't think it was the right thing to do.
    Alot of you know exactly what I'm talking about.....the trio...............TroyD,Russ,and mantis.Later on it devoloped into Liv4fam and the rest of us.......but thats the past in short(very short).

    I think we all should take a step back from the forum and think about WHY we all come in here.

    Here's why I do....
    I come in here because I love audio and video.I also Love Polk speakers.I think/live/dream/feel/experience/etc audio and video.I love it so much,I work in this industry.I want to learn all I can about what I love.

    Most you know I love to talk about wire.**** I started some of the longest debates(that turned into fights and measuring contests).When I get something new,I love to talk about it.Now that I have a digital camera,I like to take pics of it and show everyone.And not for reasons that I want everyone to feel bad about what they own,I just like to share what I own.
    You know I have a alot to say.I'm not sure If I earned the respect to even start a thead like this due to my track record,but I will say this guys......I mean well.....really I do.My delivery sucks,but if you can get threw it,somewhere there could be some usefull Info.

    Back to "Today and for a long time,I feel this forum lost alot of that".You know quite honestly,I 've been wanting to quit the forum(yes I know again???)but not for a break ,but for good.I'll be honest,I hang around other forums and NONE of the **** that goes on in here,goes on elsewhere.
    I don't know where we got OFF TRACK,but I would really like to get back ON TRACK.
    So who's with me?
  • Re: Club Polk Perception

    I'm still around from time to time.
  • Sometimes you need a HEMI

    So yesterday I dropped off my 2014 Nissan Pathfinder SV. I'm very happy to see it go.
    I picked up a brand new 2017 Dodge Durango R/T and man is it awesome.
    Going back to a normal shifting transmission is something to cherish. The CVT things suck and I don't ever want to own another one.
    I'm also very happy to get away from the V6 world. Nothing like having a V8 under the hood especially if it's a HEMI LOL. The difference in sound alone is enough to make a man feel like a man again.
    Once I put some real miles on it I'll post a review. Right now I'm just proud to drive something with American Muscle.htgmiho0vasu.jpg

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