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  • Re: OLED vs. QLED - My Observations

    I'm at that point where I want to go 4k. I have looked at new TV's for years and never bring one home. The reason is I still have my 60 inch Pioneer Elite Kuro. The Picture still is incredible for 1080p. 4k goes much further but most of the tv's I've looked at all kinda suck.
    But the Sony XBR models are probably the closest thing I have seen to a natural picture.
    Currently I'm looking at the 930/940 models and the Z9D but that's last years model and a new one is probably gonna hit around spring.
    The 900 and down do not beat the Kuro for 1080p so they will not be considered.
    I'm pretty impressed with the 75 inch xbr75X940E. It's pretty badass and 1080p stuff looks very good. I gotta do a full ISF calibration and really dig into the TV but so far I'm very impressed.
    Even the 65 inch model is very nice. It's a 930E and man it's so awesome. 4K stuff looks crazy impressive. It's like when HD came out over SD.
  • Do you really enjoy headphones?

    Hello all,
    I have a few different kinds of headphones and find myself annoyed using them for any length of time.
    I use them at home when I need to listen and not disturb others. I find listening to speakers way more satisfying
    With that being said I love using my Beats Power 3's for working out, Mountain bike riding etc. These are the best overall in the ear and over the ear sports stop style head phones I've owned and I like them better then my Klisch Sports headphones that are also pretty good.

    I have Sennheiser over the ear headphones that sound good, they are hard wired and I like the way they sound but get annoyed using them as I always feel like someone is calling me or wanting to talk to me, I hate that.
  • Re: sonos users must read...

    I have been Installing and selling Sonos since 2006.
    Sonos has undergone many software changes over the years and the new app IMO isn't as good as the older blue model. Maybe I'm one of those people who feel if it's not broke don't fix it but I think the new App is confusing to use and not as smooth and easy as it use to be.
    As far as this issue is concerned I have not experienced it yet. Not to discredit this as I have yet to find this in my system or in the field. I will however be looking out for it now.
    The Deal with Wireless is that when your Sonos units are being used Wireless, the Audio is compressed. When you hardwire it is not. So if you want the best possible Audio from your Sonos system, hardwire the units you care about the sound quality.
    The Bridge or Boost as it's called today is a way to hardwire the incoming signal from the network and then repeat it wirelessly to all other units. The Bridge is really only able to handle up to 3 Sonos units.The Boost is a much better unit and can handle alot more units.
    Sonos uses Spamming tree protocol in there own way and does cause issues with your home wifi network after you get past 3 units. I can't tell you how many networks that I have had to repair due to Sonos crashing them. There are many ways to fix them and Sonos doesn't support the best practice when dealing with Sonos issues.
    If anyone else is having this issue as Dannylighting has, I'd like to hear about it.
  • Re: Om 9

    The OM9's are very musical. When powered correctly they can be a real pleasure to listen to.
    I Installed OM Mirage speakers for years and always thought they where so smooth clear, detailed and warm.
    They can be dynamic and if you where gonna build a OM theater package, with great surprise they really do movie soundtracks justice.
    Mirage subwoofers are also very nice. Nice mix of attack and musical smoothness.
    The OM-9's are a very nice balanced speaker and stand tall in the retail price point.
  • Re: JL In wall subwoofers

    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    As much as I love the JL Audio home subs and they do everything amazingly well, there are at least 3 other companies that do so much more and better for less money. Granted, these are much larger options but show me a JL Audio sub that can do over 109db at 10hz and I will retract my above statement.

    That being said, JL Audio and REL would be my first choices for 2 channel audio while JTR, Seaton and DIY win my vote all day, every day and twice on Sunday.
    Spec's are spec's. Show me a room that can complete a 10hz cycle or even a 20hz cycle.

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