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  • Re: Anthem MRX 720

    If you like the way Anthem sounds, their receivers are very nice and have that separate Anthem like sound quality. Good head room and very very nice.
    I suggest going as high as your wallet will allow. It's worth it.
  • Re: Pioneer Elite SC-63 Receiver - $400

    You know you basically giving that receiver away right?
  • Re: Lengthy LSiM 703 Review

    the1NT's are awesome speakers
  • Re: lsim 705 vs lsim 707 differences?

    I have no experience with your AS2000 from Yamaha. It does look like a very nice piece.
    But if your getting distortion at lower then you would like volume levels then your going to need more power.
    The Yamaha is rated at 90 watts per channel in a 8 ohm load. Thats a nice amount of power for high efficient speakers. The LSiM's are rated at 88db so they need more current to drive them louder cleaner.
    If you paid full retail, your Yamaha was $2,000.00. So lets work around that number and see what we can come up with that has more output power.
    The Cambridge Azur 851A has 120 Watts with dual mono design and is actually less retail money then your Yamaha. I have worked with this unit and it can power most speakers very loud with no audio distortion. I have driven 4 ohm load speakers off it to very high levels with ease.
    The NAD C 390 DD might be retail price more then you want to spend but I feel is a good match for your speakers and has even more power at 150 watts into a 8 ohm load. This is another company I work with that I feel has amazing power beautiful clear dynamic response and allows you to drive your speakers to very high levels without giving up Dynamic range.

    Dynamic range is what I believe the Yamaha is struggling to give you. It's probably running out of gas early and giving up dynamic for volume. Music is dynamic and when you don't recreate it that way it sounds flat and lifeless. This is why you need current and power to play your music at the level you would like it to be without giving up dynamic. This is also called head room. Head room means your amp can power your speakers at a very high volume , retain dynamics and still have left over power to go even further then your willing to go. Like a car that can go 160mph but you only ever go 70 mph. The engine and design has the ability to go much faster . This gives you good passing power.

    So I strongly suggest seriously looking at the NAD as the next choice. Yeah it's more but look at the retail price of your speakers , why have such nice speakers only to not properly power them. I'm sure the Yamaha is a very nice sounding piece for what it can power. I'm also happy to see Yamaha getting back into 2 channel music. I also feel they should have given such a nice piece at 2 grand a bit more driving power. Seems light to me. But if you had lets say 8 ohm speakers at 92db , the Yamaha should be able to power those kinds of speakers with head room at high volumes. Your speakers just suck up the capacitor power for normal passes and when dynamic passes happen the poor Yamaha just doesn't have anything left to give you the increase in volume required to recreate said music.

    I read about your cables , you said good enough, You can use whatever you like if at minimum you use at least the correct gauge for the length and amount of power your gonna send down them. I suggest 14g speaker cables of high quality up to about 25 feet in a 2 channel setup. I would probably go 12 gauge with a stronger amp so your not choking it with thinner speaker wire. Don't use non speaker wire or cheap garbage. Use at least some good to higher quality cables. I suggest looking into Audioquest for your very nice system needs.
  • Re: LSi7 or B&W 686 S2

    Buy them both for that kind of money why not

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