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  • Re: Want to stick my toe in the "power outlet"

    Here are Benjamin's comments regarding my recently installed dedicated circuits:

    "Looks good.
    One problem: hospital grade outlets.
    Hospital grade means they plate the contact for optimal durability from oxidation in with corrosive chemicals in high-oxygen content environments.
    Not the best for audio.
    The same companies make UNPLATED high-copper content alloy contact INDUSTRIAL grade outlets that are the best sounding for the $$$.
    Also a bit less $$$ than the hospital grade"

    "Hubble's best unplated industrial outlets for audiophiles - used in the "Porter Port" and many other audiophile products.
    I couldn't say which are the best today made by Hubble, but I do know they cost about $30 each not $5 each.
    And for $30 each for a Hubble or equivalent I would spend $70 and entry level Furutech."

    Benjamin Zwickel
    Owner, Mojo Audio
  • Re: Might pull the trigger on Hafler Amps

    doggie750 wrote: »
    Is the stock DH500 not good enough? Why need the upgrade? Cost to upgrade? Is it simply changing the cap? Thanks

    Good when new but most are 30 years old and need attention.
    The good news is Musical Concepts has been tweaking their upgrade kits for years and they will transform a Hafler.
    The cost is significant. With new driver boards, power supply caps and recommended replacement of the thermal overload switches you will be in around $710 if you do the work. Add around $200 if they do the install plus shipping
    I'm sure one could change caps and get it going but their driver boards move the Hafler into another class.
    Depending what you can find one for plus the upgrades you will have a killer amp for way less less than $1500.
  • Re: Hafler 500 Upgrade

    Just a quick update on the DH-500.
    It's great. Slowly but surely it just keeps getting better. Smoother with no fatigue; so natural!
  • Re: Hafler 500 Upgrade

    LC500's for the caps. Also it was recommended to replace the heat sink over-temp sensors located under the power module. With age they have been seeing them going bad.
    Call John. He will set you up with what ever you need.
  • Re: Hafler 500 Upgrade

    The boards come stuffed and are tested with both the bias and offset preset. The kit includes wire, solder and gold played RCAs, etc. Excellent instructions.

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