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  • Re: This joint needs some more vintage hifi

    I loved my Koss until the air went out of one side :#

    Koss has a lifetime guarantee.
    They replaced my Pro 4AA's after 35 years.
  • Re: Acoustic Panel Build


    I now have enough panels to make this room very good, but up until last night I was not quite all the way there.

    I have been tuning the two panels above and to the sides of the TV. Fiberglass with a fabric cover results in the imaging and bass being slightly muffled. Covering the face of the panels with plastic does wonders for the imaging but is a little bit bright.

    So I covered one half of each of the two panels.

    Bingo! Superb imaging with great bass.

    I will add aluminized paper under the fabric to finalize.

    I find it amazing that I can use a piece of garbage bag to tune my room.
  • Re: Total eclipse sound off

    All clouds and rain in south east SC :(
  • Re: Want to stick my toe in the "power outlet"

    mikeyb128 wrote: »
    Buy some leviton or Hubble hospital grade outlets from your hardware store, they cost around 15-20 bucks, and will get Your toes wet. They have nice grip, my old plugs wouldn't hold the cords and would start to unplug.

    I've been curious in trying some furutech FPX gold plates outlets. They are around 90 bucks a piece. I love the furutech quality.

    I used hospital grade outlets with my dedicated circuits. I was sharing my work with Mojo Audio's owner. He complemented my work but said it would be better not to use hospital grade because their plating does not yield the best sound. He recommended Furutec copper as a great choice. I plan to swap out a couple of critical outlets in the near future.
  • Re: Driver/Speaker rings for your vintage Polk SDA's Monitors..

    Welcome to the forum!

    Here is a link to a thread rebuilding 2.3TL's.

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