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  • Re: Is there such a thing as too much black hole five?

    I removed the BH5 from behind the tweeters and cut 5" off each end of the strip behind the sda drivers. So now it is only behind the mid stereo and sda drivers. Turns out this is 42% of the original BH5 area. Not a trivial amount.

    The overall balance is better along with the stronger bass.
    A little bit goes a long way. Live and learn.
  • Re: Average volume for listening

    I set my A weighted meter to hold peaks when I listen.
    80-85 is the average peek with 90 on the high side.
  • Acoustic Panel Build

    It has always been my plan to add acoustic panels to my listening room. I decided on DIY panels.

    I mean why should I pay retail when I can build them for twice the price? :)

    I ordered a case of Dow Corning 705 rigid fiberglass. Each case has six 24 x 48 x 2 inch panels.


    First, I am building two free standing first reflection panels. I need these panels to be mobile and decided to use mahogany for the stands. I started with a tripod plan but decided to go with a simple design using two feet, two posts and x-members.


    Shade tree wood shop.


    The frame for the fiberglass is also mahogany for the free standing version but just 1 x 2 pine for the wall mounted panels.


    I used jersey fabric to cover the fiberglass. Not good! I wanted something stretchy but jersey stretches too much and shows every little detail though the fabric.

    I need some fabric advice from anybody who has built similar panels. :|

    I wiped on the first coat of poly and they are going to look great (thanks F1). I will post more photos as I progress.

    When I finish the first reflection panels I'll build bass traps doubling the fiberglass to 4" or maybe I will build a couple of clouds for the ceiling.

    One thing is for certain. Acoustic panels have made an immediate improvement in SQ and I cannot think of money better spent on a sound system.

  • Re: SDA upgrade thread 2

    Ah, resealing the enclosures. Lots of fun :#
  • Re: SDA upgrade thread 2

    2.3TL's not the same as yours but some of the supports were close to the tweeter rings and needed some tweaking.

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