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  • Re: Let's Talk Carts and Styli

    I agree that those tables are more elegant in their design. As DD tables go I think PLX-1000 is a great looking table.
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

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    F1nut wrote: »
    I see someone didn't read the explanation of what SDA is. Once again, it is not an effect. Non-SDA stereo speakers would be more accurately described as having an effect.

    Non-SDA speakers are used in virtually every recording mastering and mixing studio, therefore soundstage and stereo effects are optimized in house for normal non-SDA speakers.

    Your comments are based on sales literature and the "White paper" from Polk and are in conflict with real world experiences with recording, mixing and mastering personnel.

    The Polk white paper ignores certain facts about how actual recordings are made over the last 4-5 decades and instead concentrates on a theoretical recording style that has the listener sitting in the middle of a concert hall, and hearing the sound and scope of the hall itself.

    Since almost all recordings are completely created in studio, and the resultant sound stage and stereo effect are done with normal speakers, similar to what is used in home, the SDA effect may be quite enjoyable, fun and even sound better, but it will never be a more accurate representation of what the recording engineer intended.

    Here we go again :/
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    I think Tres Hombres is a great sounding album.
  • Re: I want to wrap my remotes

    I just wash my hands.
  • Re: Prayers For Our "westmassguy"

    Glad you are OK. You gave all of us a scare!

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