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  • Re: Can anyone tell if these are MIT?

    T2 Bi wires changed my whole perception of reality man....seriously. Those and AQ Sidewinder RCA cables.
  • Re: Ariana Grande tour tragedy

    I watched this ealier today....things are extremely complicated in that part of the world.
  • Re: Ariana Grande tour tragedy

    tonyb wrote: »
    kevhed72 wrote: »
    ^^So true, the Pentagon just got a 56 billion raise. A quarter of which will be wasted, no questions asked.
    It's all good.....just keep me safe from myself and the boogy man. I mean, how much do we spend for every member of ISIS or every other extremist group out there? How many people could that feed, educate, or provide job training for. Meh, bombing the hell out of them is much easier.

    Easy to generalize like that. What most don't realize or understand is....if we paid no attention to those who wish to do us harm, we wouldn't have jobs to train for, a need for education, or food.....because we'd be dead. Certainly not going to speak for everyone, but being the sacrificial lamb is not my thing.
    I'm not saying ignore this problem.....what I am getting at is our current course of action and what we have been doing since 9/11.....for what we spend, we are getting ripped off. It's easy to drop bombs on people, and it makes certain sectors of the economy happy, but hasn't proven super effective in minimizing and ideology and reducing the number of extremists. If you look at what we are spending vs. the actual's probably around five figures of tax dollars for every actual extremists in the world today. We need to do a better job of marketing America to the rest of the world.....probably more effective in reducing the numbers of extremists in a region than bombing innocents and creating more extremists.
  • Re: MIT Shotgun series cables

    What I did swap out today was a Black Cat digital coax for an AQ VDM 3 between the DAC and CDP. That and mixing 2 different tubes into the compliment of 4 in my Cary pre was a pleasant surprise.
  • Re: This is sad

    Rick88 wrote: »
    That's hilarious, thanks for posting! I see what you mean about that guy.

    On another note, that's one of the few amps I'm really drooling over... B)
    I had it and I miss it now...went to separates and down a huge rabbit hole, which is fine.
    Buy it and pop in some nice Siemens'll love it.

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