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  • Re: This might be fun: thoughts about Mapleshade's products (specifically, wires)?

    I know they get very positive consumer reactions. Never tried any myself, but all of his products seem to cure a tweakers wet dream.

  • Re: The DEMON is coming...

    The McLaren eclipsed the Veyron several years ago. One can certainly build a single purpose car............like a straight line car pretty easily since you don't have to deal with real world issues.

    In a straight line it (The Veyron) might loose by a few ticks. Straight line performance is only good for one thing. I guess if one likes a 1 dimensional car, then go for it! :D


    P,s, the last sentence is said in jest and good fun.
  • Re: Polk Audio Magnifi Mini - An Ongoing Review

    Tony, the entire Smart Cast engine is in the Android tablet, not the TV. That runs the whole TV and like a computer and your phone you can set it to automatically update or notify and give permission. The tablet sits in a wireless charging cradle 24/7 waiting for use. It's about 25% larger than a typical Android phone.

    But I will investigate further, maybe I need to initiate some things from the tablet that don't automatically update. But on a few occasions the tablet has made noise indicating it was finished updating something, we didn't initiate in those instances.

    In fact the gf was sneaky the other day when she went out on the deck. We had been talking about a song and couldn't remember who sang it. After about a minute the TV started YouTube and the video of the song. She had cast it from her phone while on the deck. For a minute I was like "WTF", but then I remembered we can cast from any Android device.

    I agree maybe ARC isn't the best way. The only annoying thing is that different commercials and broadcasts have different volumes, but not on the TV alone and the delay of sound coming back on when pausing/ff/rew recorded content. I do need to look into the ARC settings. IIRC, the delay also happened when using the optical out into the Magnifi Mini. Overall a bit annoying but not enough to unrecommend.

  • Re: SDA upgrade thread 2

    lightman1 wrote: »
    You two knock it off.

    Geez Dad, he started it! :#

  • Re: SDA upgrade thread 2

    Stinks when people use your own words against you, doesn't it?

    Loosen the screws pop a few photo's and stop being afraid. It's not that hard.

    Also I just wanted to give you an English lesson since you are such a stickler for such things and have called people out on it before.

    ALL if which is ALSO right here in this thread.

    ALL if ??? what language is that?

    It should be ALL of.



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