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  • Re: Preamp Tubes

    52.Amperex Bugle boy 12AX7A-1-$30.00

    Long or short plate?
  • Re: Did I make a bad speaker cable purchase?

    Canare is Canare cable...............no matter who sells it.

    The BJC stuff is the same as the Amazon stuff.

  • Re: The 2017 Stanley Cup

    Go Blackhawks!
  • Re: 12 Gauge vs 16 Gauge??

    F1nut wrote: »
    tonyb wrote: »
    BTW....I haven't seen any one of the cable naysayers sign up for Skips Demo thread. Not a one...this is a great opportunity to get your ears on something different for little cost. I'm sure you'd have to pay shipping to the next person in line, but that's a small price to pay to get your ears on some different cables in your own system.

    Of course not. There wasn't a single one that signed up for the MIT cable demos either.

    I would think this would be the perfect opportunity for the naysayers to set up their double blind testing and school all of us that know cables matter.

    I guess they're to obfuscated to even realize when a golden opportunity arises to really bolster their POV..........

    ..............oh wait, they are just parroting and have ZERO interest in actually trying anything on their own to form their own opinion.


  • Re: 12 Gauge vs 16 Gauge??

    K_M wrote: »
    F1nut wrote: »
    K_M wrote: »

    Nor does anyone seem to use comparison methods that verify anything.
    All the claims I see are based on sighted/biased testing methods.

    Not saying that proves the claims are wrong, but it offers NO proof they are real either.

    You mean like the claims you make that your husband is a high end, top notch speaker designer, yet offer no proof despite being asked to do so repeatedly?

    In fact, you have never offered anything of substance, yet come here demanding others to do so. What amuses me most is how every time you go down that road you end up face first in the mud.

    Okay you are free to not believe anything I say at all.
    I am fine with that.

    I am not demanding anyone prove anything.
    Merely stating that without more verifiable proof, some things are questionable.

    Basing a high priced cable purchase on possibly biased comments from random people on an audio board, is not most likely the best way of making a purchase or decision.

    So if I recommend "low priced" cables (whatever that is to you), then my comments are no longer biased and questionable & that is a better way for someone to make a purchase decision?

    So your threshold of what constitutes low or high priced cables is the deciding factor?

    DK, has given numerous links and ideas why blind comparisons are questionable. But I bet since that didn't align with your argument you didn't read them, or feigned the ability to find said links

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