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  • Re: SDA upgrade thread 2

    Stinks when people use your own words against you, doesn't it?

    Loosen the screws pop a few photo's and stop being afraid. It's not that hard.

    Also I just wanted to give you an English lesson since you are such a stickler for such things and have called people out on it before.

    ALL if which is ALSO right here in this thread.

    ALL if ??? what language is that?

    It should be ALL of.


  • Re: SDA upgrade thread 2

    Thanks Trey :D

    Again for those who are looking in on this, the jumpers are there because of the crossovers that @VR3 is building for me and not because everyone should be doing this!!!

    Then it should have been a private message not part of this 'educational' thread.
  • Re: I've Never Seen One of These Before...

    It's a chip amp (Gain clone amp). Rossman was an amateur audio guy that built and sold some of these "kits". They come in all shapes and sizes (no standard cases)

    Google LM3875, that's the chipset part number.

    A chip amp has all the resistors, diodes and transistors in one I/C "chip".

    Mixed reviews, but there are a few ways to implement them.


    These were all the rage about 10 years ago

  • Re: The Importance Of Saving

    Good advice Cathy. I have a house fund for upgrades and unplanned expenses. I rarely use it for anything else. What it does for me is it allows me to buy audio gear now and then but still have my house fund intact so no worries about those kinds of things.

  • Tubes on Ebay- Warning

    I don't usually post about tubes FS on Ebay being fakes or whatever. But I thought I'd give a heads up to tube buyers here about this listing if anyone is watching/bidding.

    I don't think the seller is doing anything wrong, just listing what he sees, but something doesn't look right.


    They have the Euro markings between the pins in what looks like a legit Philips Copenhagen code with the Isosceles triangle and the correct ECC82, long plate code of k6x, but the internals of the tube is all wrong for it to be of Euro origin. The seller is saying they are Heerlen (because of the triangle). Never seen a Heerlen tube that had painted coded in between the pins. The Heerlen tubes I have ever seen have the 2 line etched code on the bottle.

    A single staple and tapered plate ends just don't jive with anything I'm aware of from Philips Europe. Looks like a slanted D or square getter w/no post but it's hard to see. Weirdly there seems to be the cross hatch on the top of the tubes like Philips tubes have.

    What a weird hybrid looking tube.

    To me it looks like a typical CBS/GE tube w/Euro markings. I suppose the seller or someone else could have put those codes on there, but they look very legit. It's rare to see a Philips tube use an American made tube w/their factory markings. Except the cross hatch on the tube top has me a bit stumped.

    I suppose anything is possible.

    Point is, I am pretty sure these are not "rare" 50's Heerlen or Copenhagen tubes, so bid accordingly.

    This is a public service announcement, now back to your regularly scheduled program :)


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