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  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    Clipdat wrote: »
    Yeah I hadn't listened to it for several years, and I put it on the other day from start to finish and it was fantastic. The whole album really is like one long song or journey!

    Plus, some of the tracks had some great stereo imaging effects and super three dimensional qualities, with certain sounds feeling like they were whizzing past my ears and off to the side.

    Now I want to listen to it again!
    headrott wrote: »
    This album is excellent! Glad you like it too.

    It is very well recorded and super 3-D! I heard it driving back in New Mexico in 1998. There was a huge lightening storm happening (at about 10:30P.M.) and my brother and I were listening to this album. It fit the mood of the moment very well. I need to listen to this one again myself. Thanks for the reminder.
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    Clipdat wrote: »

    This album is excellent! Glad you like it too.
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    dromunds wrote: »

    Double like!
  • Re: no bass 3.1tl

    Yeah, I just noticed that. The screws must be screwed directly into the plastic of the inductor? That's also very unusual (like the internal jumpers). I also cannot say that definitively without holding the crossover board/inductor in my hand.

    You will just have to unscrew the screws from the top of the crossover board. There are 4 of them. The toughest one will probably be the one near the two large inductors and the black colored capacitors. It may be very very difficult to get that screw off, actually. without actually having the crossover board/inductor in my hand it's tough to say. Looking at the picture I will say it's gonna be tough.
  • Re: no bass 3.1tl

    ps4y2ch0 wrote: »
    went back to swap crossovers and now the mounting nut inside the inductor that holds crossover to cabinet came completly out. i dont see a way to get it back kn there without full removal of most of the caps. so im done for the night.thank you all

    Agree with pitdogg2. Remove the crossover boards from the inductors and you can re-glue the screw back into place to hold the inductors (and crossover board) on the cabinet.

    I had the same thing happen to one of my 3.1TL inductor/crossover boards. It's a pretty simple fix. Make sure there is no air leaking past the screw to escape outside the cabinet when you put the screw back in place (that's the point of the hot glue).

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