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    cfrizz wrote: »
    I like having lots of power because it doesn't matter where the volume knob is, I am able to hear all the details of the music. ESPECIALLY at lower volume. That was the biggest surprise I got when I got the Parasound 1500A. I want my speakers to have all the power they need to operate to their full potential at all times, lots of power ensures this.
    Forgive me Cathy but that statement doesn't make a whole lot of sense. No matter where the volume knob is you can hear all the details? lol. Well, ok, but, if it's all the way down, you're not going to hear much of anything, no matter how many watts the amp puts out! Even at low volumes, really low volumes, you're not hearing all the details. IMO, there's a certain point where everything "clicks." It doesn't have to be LOUD for that to happen with every setup Cathy, but it does have to be audible. I can hear all the details, at modest listening levels, just fine with only 125 wpc in my setup. I guess I'm just lucky?
    cfrizz wrote: »
    I personally don't assume that everyone wants to experiment with every piece of gear that exists, that way could possibly lead to hoarder syndrome, bankruptcy or divorce court.
    Well, Cathy, variety is the spice of life! I wouldn't be where I am now if I had stayed where I was. The point is, I'm very happy that I experimented with a lot of different gear over the years. Through trial & error, I found the sound I love and enjoy.
    cfrizz wrote: »
    There is no guarantee, that you will be able to recoup what you paid out on the gear, hell there isn't any guarantee that you will be able to sell it at all! Just look at that nice pair of Dynaudio's that have been sitting in the FM!
    There are no guarantees with anything in life Cathy. Everything is a chance. All of those Dynaudio speakers I had sold. The initial listing was placed in the summer and that's a tough time to sell audio gear. Just because they didn't sell here doesn't mean they didn't move elsewhere. I just like to give the Polk family first shot at the gear before I list it elsewhere.
    cfrizz wrote: »
    I believe in doing it once with extensive research, doing it right the first time around, even if it cost a bit more up front, then sitting back and enjoying it for years to come.
    That's what a lot of people on other audio forums like to do as well Cathy. They look at the specifications, read reviews, ask other people that own the gear they're interested in and sometimes that works out but sometimes it doesn't. Heck, I was all jazzed about the ELAC UB5, UC5, & UF5 speakers when they first came out. I sold off a set of speakers that I was pretty happy with based on the promise of the ELAC speakers superiority thanks to the magic introduced to this "budget" line by the legendary designer Andrew Jones. I even went to the AXPONA 2016 exposition in Rosemont Illinois to hear them for myself. I met and spoke with Mr. Jones extensively about these speakers and, after hearing them, I was convinced I was on the right path so I preordered the ELAC UF5 floor standing speakers & the UC5 center channel.

    When the speakers arrived, I could not have been more disappointed. The ELAC speakers simply did not work in my room. I could not replicate the sound I heard at the exhibition and all the reviews online were RAVING about these speakers.

    I got lucky and I was able to purchase another set of the speakers I sold off to buy the ELAC speakers locally so I made out. The point here is that I learned how important a factor the listening environment is in the sound you hear. Previously, nothing had this big of an impact on my setup before. I know I'm not alone in this as @Clipdat just went through the same thing with the Monitor Audio Bronze bookshelf speakers. Rave reviews online with a lot of people backing them up on the forums. They simply didn't work in Clipdat's room. No amount of research is going to tell you exactly how some piece of gear or pair of speakers is going to sound in your room, on your gear/with your gear until it actually gets placed into that setup.
    cfrizz wrote: »
    But that's just me, I like interjecting a bit of practicality into this crazy hobby.
    Maybe you see it as practicality Cathy but I don't agree with you nor do I see experimentation as impractical. If you take no risks, you get no rewards. Playing it safe is fine for some people and it seems to work well for you. I'm not going to try and tell you how to approach this hobby. That's your decision. However, playing it safe isn't for everybody Cathy. I don't assume that everyone wants to experiment with different gear but I'm not going to discourage it. I also don't assume that experimenting with gear will lead to hoarding/hoarder syndrome (is that actually in the DSM Cathy?). I don't assume that experimenting with different gear will lead to bankruptcy, do you? One can live within one's means and still experiment Cathy. It is possible to budget for the things you enjoy doing, is it not? Finally, I would not assume that experimenting with different gear would lead to divorce Cathy. I would think that other issues in a relationship exist to go that route as I've never heard of someone getting divorced solely due to a spouse experimenting with different....gear. Experimenting with drugs, alcohol, or experimenting with other partners, yes. IF you are referring to the financial burdens placed on a couple's finances because of secret spending by one partner without disclosing it to their partner, I would say that is a trust issue between the people involved in the relationship and not specifically tied to the audio hobby.

    But that's just me, I like to interject a bit of experimentation into this wonderful hobby.

  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    While Kerry had a dead silent amp in his posession, the amp always exhibited some very small degree of transformer hum for me. Like Drew, I live in an apartment and the power in this place is far less than ideal. I cannot hear a hum from the listening position or from the speakers but I can feel a vibration from time to time on the amp. @SCompRacer assures me that this is a very common phenomenon and it’s difficult, at best, to determine the source, cause, or resolution.
  • Re: Best floor Polk speaker under $1k/pair

    DSkip wrote: »
    I've got a pair of S60 in Dallas for $550. They are like new demo units.

    Outstanding deal here. Be very careful when shipping them as the packing material Polk includes with them is subpar at best. Local p/u makes the most sense.
  • Re: For Sale: Dynaudio Emit M20

    Best bookshelf speakers I’ve ever owned. They were only ousted by a set of the Dynaudio Focus 260 floor standing speakers I acquired shortly after buying these bookies. They’re pretty big compared to the mini monitors, that is for sure and they can produce better bottom end despite the “specs” being listed as identical.

    If I had the scratch, I would buy these back without hesitation.

    Unfortunately, we just got quotes from 2 different moving companies and all spending is now on hold/frozen for awhile.

    Whoever buys these will be thoroughly impressed by what they can do. If not, you should have your hearing checked. lol.

  • Re: Subaru did what now?!?

    nbrowser wrote: »
    Look too bestkits.com and PAC Audio...they should have interfaces and whatnot to get around anything. Simple bypassing...is not advisable.
    I wasn’t planning on it. So, Crutchfield is advising everyone with an Outback wagon to simply yank the OEM amp/crossover in the premium setup and simply install a different aftermarket amp.


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