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  • Re: Any ideas of what to do

    Let's see, You started with around 50 pieces of fecal matter to pickup and now you've got what around 200-300 pieces of fecal matter all over the place to pickup.

    Smooth move Ex-lax. :wink:
  • Re: My employer over paid me thousands of dollars

    afterburnt wrote: »
    Wow, I am not trying to get out of paying it back I am just trying to find out if I have any recourse to keep them from taking it all at once. Forensics? oh the drama, the dram, the drama...

    Mikey all parties are fully aware of the error.

    I was the one that brought it to their attention.

    WTF, WTF, Well I guess that makes you an idiot. :blush: Didn't your mom ever tell you sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut! :smiley: JK.

    If there a half decent company you should be able to work out a payment plan.
  • Re: Vinyl Death Grip!!!

    Toolfan66 wrote: »

    The last part is being a pain...

    Yes tighten 1/4 turn before breaking! (From an old Harley Davidson repair manual) :)

    Please print this picture out, cut it in two, trim it and put them in your glove box and if you see a car or truck parked in a Blue Space with out a handicap plate or placard stick one of these on there windshield.

    Believe me it will be appreciated.


    Thank You.
  • Re: How the heck do i cut and print in Windows 10??

    billbillw wrote: »
    I have most, if not all, of the Microsoft spy stuff turned least I think I do...

    AFAYK, After all this is Microturd & It would not supersize me if they were tracking everything you do and everywhere you go.

    After the automatic forced upgrade from 7 to 10 debacle a few years ago (and there still at it today as in no support for new hardware in 7 or 8.1, do a google search), I wiped all my drives and did a fresh install of win 7 home sp1 64bit and the first thing I did even before in stalling any drivers was to disable all update functions.

    If I'm forced to upgrade the os due to hardware failure, I'll go Linux or Apple (That's saying a lot as some of you guys know how much I hate Apple).

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