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  • Re: Crossover Aftermarket Circuit Boards - SDA Sold

    @dorokusai NOT COOL! I gave you those (as for free) to give to Polk, 1 set for the engineers, & 1 set for the museum Polk was going to setup. You should have contacted me first. :disappointed:
  • Re: Power amp for my SDA SRS?

    F1nut wrote: »
    The AI-1 or Dreadnought makes the SDA even better.

    True, True if they weren't Blade/blade SDA SRS's. :tongue:
  • Re: Dreadnaught build question

    audioluvr wrote: »
    One last question (ok, maybe not...) Does the box need to be grounded? I'm assuming yes but thought I'd check anyways

  • Re: Unreleased Zeppelin Coming

    ENOUGH already!

    How many of these remixed, overdubbed, outtakes, boot leg, etc ... copies of Led Zeppelin does one need, Don't get me wrong I'm a fan and have all the studio recordings (1 - CODA) on both vinyl and CD & Celebration Day on DVD/CD (The only live one I Like) I love listening to them.

    Have heard tracks from the following.

    The Song Remains the Same - Sucked/Money Grab
    BBC Sessions - Sucked/Money Grab
    How the West Was Won - Sucked/Money Grab
    Mothership - Sucked/Money Grab
    Led Zeppelin Boxed Set - Sucked/Money Grab

    Will not waste time and or money listening to tracks from the following

    Led Zeppelin Remasters - Money Grab
    Led Zeppelin Boxed Set 2 - Money Grab
    The Complete Studio Recordings - Money Grab
    Early Days: Best of Led Zeppelin Volume One - Money Grab
    Latter Days: Best of Led Zeppelin Volume Two - Money Grab
    Early Days and Latter Days - Money Grab
    Definitive Collection - Money Grab
    And lastly the Super Deluxe & Deluxe releases - Big Money Grab

    In my experience "Previously Unreleased Material" is nothing than a way to make a boat load of money on stuff that wasn't good enough to make it on an album or just really plain sucked.
  • Re: Using 18uF instead of 20uF for the crossover mod

    hauxon wrote: »
    I've always felt the SDA 2B sounds good in a non aggressive way, bit warm maybe. So my thinking with selecting ClarityCap was making them sound more Clinical/Sterile. Am I correct? Sonicap are warmer, maybe closer to the original Polk sound and ClarityCap slightly more Clinical/Sterile? Is there a huge difference? I've always thought it was subtle.

    I fixed it for ya.
    F1nut wrote: »
    Simple solution, use Sonicap. They sound better anyway

    I agree, IHMO SDA's are suppose to sound warm.

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