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  • Re: Driver/Speaker rings for your vintage Polk SDA's Monitors..

    After talking to Ken, the users IP address was the reason why the filter caught it and banned the user. We are looking into a fix.

    No offense intended but I think you guys rely too much on this so called "Auto filtering" stuff. Look how well Auto Correct works.

    JAO: Just An Observation.

    To the moderators, No offense intended but this is just overreacting P.C. BS.

    I do not find how any normal person with even a tiny bit of a sense of humor could find it offensive, judge for yourself.

    If you agree please post so here.

    But if you think it is offensive, Then golly gee wiz I apologize to all I may have offended. You bunch of "Mickey Mouse Club" and "Leave it to Beaver" watching 11 year old's, I've got news for ya the world is not a nice place and if you can't have a sense of humor than what's the point to any of this thing we call life.

    P.S. I was going to make this a poll but I guess you can't do with Vanilla. (Shakes head)
  • Re: Newbie here just testing

    Ah not really gimpod just reading some threads here in the forums.

    GOOD there's still time to run or at least hide your money because we can help you spend your money faster than an oval eyed honey in Saigon (circa 1972).

    BTW: Welcome to Club Polk AKA "the money pit".
  • Re: SRS 3.1TL Rebuild

    jayu969 wrote: »
    I emailed customer service this weekend...hopefully get a response early this week.

    Just call them @ 1-800-377-7655 Option 1. 10AM - 6PM EST Mon-Fri, It's easier and faster.
  • Re: Polk SDA's

    Manticore wrote: »
    Thanks for the info. I may call about the 1c's @300. Somewhat close to me. Those are definitely not the studio's. Thanks for that link. The 1c's for 750 are a drive but, are pristine, in box & hardly used.

    The 2B's are listed as studio's. So why are the studio's not as desirable?

    I'm off to a wedding with the misses. :s

    Any info is appreciated.

    If those pristine, in box & hardly used 1C's for $750 are all they say they are and fully working (no frozen drivers), to me (I'm biased I have a set of fully modded 1C's) in original boxes they would be worth the money & drive. JMO after all it's you money.

    Don't get me wrong the 2Bs are a VERY good speaker also. It also comes down to how big is the room your going to put them in, In general the bigger the room the bigger the SDAs. I'm running my 1Cs in a 17ft wide by 11ft deep room. I don't think most guys have this kind of room just for a 2 Chanel rig but I don't have the WAF to deal with, I also get to run wire wherever I want. :tongue:

    BUT if you get any of the SDA's transport them wrapped in heavy blankets on there backs!. This will help avoid any magnet shifting during transport.

    In most cases the Studio models cabs are made from Particleboard, The non Studio models are made out of MDF which IMHO has a better sound. I had IC's in both Studio & Non Studio, I feel the Non Studio version with the same components (pulled from the Studios) had a deeper bottom end and a more robust overall sound plus I prefer the looks of the Non Studios, Some here will disagree but this is just my option.

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