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  • Re: My SRS update

    That's why Jesse is the Club Polk President for life.

    This should be official.
  • Re: The SDA Effect issue

    Mr. Sharpe wrote: »
    the connection is plenty tight. If the interconnect is reversed inside that would explain the large blade being on the bottom on one speaker and top on the other.

    is the fuse inside the rear terminal?

    To begin with there is no such thing as an "SDA Effect". The simplest way IMHO to explain SDA's without going into a bunch of techno speak is to think of them as headphones for your living/sound room. Here's a post about it Thoughts on SDAs

    According to the SDA 1A Schematics your SDA's don't have external fuses but a pair of polyswitchs per speaker one each for the high and low pass section of the crossover. This is the most likely culprit as they like to fail over time, You can bypass them for testing purposes but if they are bad I would replace them in your case.

    Hope this helps.
  • Re: My employer over paid me thousands of dollars

    afterburnt wrote: »
    Wow, I am not trying to get out of paying it back I am just trying to find out if I have any recourse to keep them from taking it all at once. Forensics? oh the drama, the dram, the drama...

    Mikey all parties are fully aware of the error.

    I was the one that brought it to their attention.

    WTF, WTF, Well I guess that makes you an idiot. :blush: Didn't your mom ever tell you sometimes it's best to keep your mouth shut! :smiley: JK.

    If there a half decent company you should be able to work out a payment plan.
  • Re: SDA 1C vs SDA SRS 2

    JayMX wrote: »
    Yes they both have vertical tweeters. From what I can see on the photos they are both blade blade I really appreciate all the knowledge here and the fast responses! :smiley:

    If in fact the SDA SRS 2's do have the blade/Blade I.C. they are the 1986 Gen 3 version & IMO less desirable then the later 1987 pin/Blade gen 4 version for two reasons. First - You can not use a AI-1 or Dreadnought I.C. in order to run a non-common ground amp including mono blocks (The crossover design won't allow it). Second - The cost of upgrading a gen 3 crossover, It can be very expensive depending on what caps you chose.

    The 2 versions of the SDA SRS 2

    1986 SDA SRS 2 (Gen 3) w Wood End caps & Black Cloth sides with a Wood stripe, blade/Blade I.C. (It will have 2 binding posts), Dual board crossover, with 2 MW6509 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6509 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW150 Passive Radiator.

    1987 SDA SRS 2 (Gen 4) w Wood End caps & Black Cloth sides with a Wood stripe, a pin/Blade I.C. (It will have 4 binding posts), Single board crossover with 2 MW6511 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW155 Passive Radiator.

    Now the SDA 1C, Most people don't realize that there are at least 3 versions of these.

    An very early (1987 i believe) Studio version (Basically a left over SDA 1B cab) with a dual board crossover, with 2 MW65211 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW120 Passive Radiator.

    Now what's interesting is component & value wise the Capacitors, Resistors & Inductors are the same as the the single board pin/Blade crossover. The only way to tell for sure is to pop a driver out and check the model #, if it's a MW6510 or MW6511 they are indeed SDA 1C's but if it is a MW6509 they are SDA 1B's.

    SDA 1C Studio (Black) with a pin/Blade I.C., Single board crossover (BE1618-B) with 2 MW65211 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW120 Passive Radiator.

    SDA 1C w Wood End caps & Black Cloth sides with a pin/Blade I.C., Single board crossover (BE1618-B) with 2 MW65211 Stereo Drivers, 2 MW6510 Dimensional Drivers, 2 SL2000 Tweeters & a SW120 Passive Radiator.

    Either model would be a good be fit for that room. If it was me and the SRS 2's were the pin/Blade 1987 Gen 4 model I would take those if not take the SDA 1C's. Or with that room (25x16) I think I'd hold off & save up my money and go for a pair of SDA SRS 2.3TLs or SDA SRS 1.2TLs (If you have the room "Go Big or Go Home" :wink: )

    Do some more investigation, If you can get a 4th or 5th generation SDA they will serve you better down the road, Remember the 4th or 5th generation SDAs are the only ones that can use the AI-1 or Dreadnought I.C. so they will work with non-common ground amps.

    There's nothing wrong with the earlier SDAs there wonderful speakers just be aware of there limitations amp wise (Common Ground only).
  • Re: Big boys for sale

    woodhead 2 wrote: »

    What do you think of the price? Too high?I thought they were going for a lot cheaper, since stock.

    $2700 maybe depends if they are as @nooshinjohn says "Condition appears to be like they just came out of the box, and If they are close to you" unmolested and you have a way to transport them, they may be worth it. A few things to consider:

    1. Let's assume there in perfect shape i.e. no bad tweeters, frozen drivers, wood & cloth have no snags scratch's, nicks, cuts or stains. With the I.C.

    2. $2700 may seem high to some but in 1991 the SDA SRS 1.2TL MSRP was around $3400, Today with inflation it's around $6100. Also stock unmolested SDA's in excellent condition are worth more then updated/modded ones.

    @DarqueKnight & @Toolfan66 probably have the best sounding & looking SDA SRS 1.2TL's on the planet but I'd bet you they'd be hard pressed to sell them for what they have in them especially if you include there time researching and labor. And at that money I doubt if you could buy a new pair of speakers that could best them.

    3. If you can transport them yourself you'll save a ton on having them palliated, wrapped and trucked. At over 180 lbs each UPS or FedEx won't ship them

    4. And most importantly how often do they come up for sale near you. A pair just came up on craigslist here for $2000, no pics and all the ad says is "my last pair of these monster tower speakers. these are the largest SDA speakers polk made and the latest version. these are in excellent condition and come with the cable that connects the 2".

    One persons "excellent condition" may actually be "just short of being run over by a truck". This is the first pair of 1.2TLS I've seen for sale in my neck of the woods since I started looking for SDA back in 2009! In 2010 I found a pair of 2.3TL's for $850 but they where just to big for my apartment. So I settled on a pair of SDA 1C's and have never looked back.

    Now if these 1.2TL's were near me, Had the money, room for them, a way to get them home and they checked out they'd be coming home with me even if I had to pay the $2700 asking price!

    I agree with @VR3 "That most everyone sells their SDAs for too little."


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