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  • Re: Eastern Electric Minimax Pre amp (with Tom Tutay mods)

    Umm...I don't see no minimax
  • Re: Coach Legacy Black Backpack Style Purse NOS

    I wonder how that would go with my new black pumps?
  • Re: Would you buy a speaker with a small flaw?

    Joey_V wrote: »
    I'm in talks with him. I think if the price is right and the shipping via freight is to my liking, I will just have to run this by the wife when she's not in a mean mood (which is almost never)...

    ... Then 802 diamonds and Strads in the hooooouze!!

    Ha ha....run it by the wife eh? Geez, I'm still hiding my $1600 Martin Logans from my wife....ha ha :^ (

  • Re: How do you guys do this?

    DSkip wrote: »
    Aging I mean. I swear today was some sort of karma for picking on my wife for being 30 (I've got 2 weeks until I do the same). Today while working with my hip hop dance club kids (yeah, I'm the sponsor), I tried to catch one and throw him up to show them what I wanted them to do. My right thigh apparently wasn't ready for his weight, and I almost went straight to the ground. Now it hurts like hell to bend at the knee and my thigh gives out if I go too far down.

    Going up the stairs later tonight, I ended up walking weird trying to get up and tweaked something in my left hip. Now I can't walk for **** because both legs are more or less shot. I guess this is a sign to start working out again to get my fat **** back in shape.

    Ha ha....give me a break......when you're my age you can do that putting on a sock :^ /

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