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  • Re: New system set up

    I agree with the Atrium route. I use 3 Atruim8's for my back Patio. they have plenty bass for being outdoors. You can always wire for a Sub if not enough for you.
    I use an Emotiva 2 channel amp with a Niles speaker selector for 8ohm stability.
    I have an Airport express for control. I have also used Sonos with this setup. pqbq0uosb5o3.jpeg

  • Re: Post a picture... any picture

    Park City Hot Air Balloon Festival was this weekend. Nothing says fun like like Boos and Fire.
  • Re: New Polk HTS Subwoofers

    DaveHo wrote: »
    They look nice until you get to the plastic power port base. Would have been better on the back, but then where do you mount the amp? Wonder how that will hold up when someone drops a sub.

    It is the same design as the PSW1200. Polk should definitely reuse this proven design I think.
    Should be better today with more power. I always thought the 1200 need more cabinet for 2-12" woofers.
    Matt Polk and the guys sure have added a lot of proven technology to the industry.

    Long Live Power Port! :)
  • Re: HT Receiver Recommendation?

    I was a Pioneer Elite buyer for 25 years. 9 receivers.
    Since the Onkyo merger I have not been happy with their products, And let's not even get started about how they dropped the ball on Blu-ray/UHD.

    I am currently running a Pioneer elite SC87 with 4 ATMOS in ceilings in my family room. It works but I have not been happy with it as far as control.
    I recently upgraded to Marantz in the master bedroom
    and couldn't be happier.

    My plan is to buy the Marantz 7704 when it drops this fall.
    I would look at that or possibly the new 7012 receiver. I think that would match well with your Sunfire amp. Also the Sub EQ will work great with your dual subs.
  • New Polk HTS Subwoofers

    Found this today on the back of the new Sound and Vision Mag.
    Looks to be new Signature Series Subs.
    Any Info for the Forum Ken????hl5hny0x221c.jpeg

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