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  • New Sound & Vision Signature Series Review

    I just got the new July/August Issue today.
    It doesn't look like its been uploaded to the web yet. Here is a preview of it until it is. I'm sure it will be on their web site this week.

    Gets a top Pick designation.
    Sad they paired it with a PSW125. Didn't impress. A DSW440 would have done better. I have one in the office and it is a great little sub.

    Love the walnut on those S60's

    I wish a store would carry them. look great.u3utsshgk2r7.jpeg
  • Re: New RTiA's in the House

    mpitogo wrote: »
    That's a pretty impressive Polk setup! RTiA9 for front and surrounds!

    Its overkill but fun.
    I have a very chill wife when comes to this hobby for sure.
  • New RTiA's in the House

    After many many good years in the House the RT2K's and Cs1000p have been upgraded.
    Musically they are a big upgrade but it will be the movies that will tell the story for this room. William Bell is breaking them in right now.
    I also installed 4 RT-70 Ceiling speakers for Atmos.

    The UPS guy was glad he didn't live next to me.
    Now I can only hope the DLP will die for the next Phase of this room.
    SVS might see a sale before that happens.
    It never ends does it.
    Love the Polks!

  • Re: New RTiA's in the House

    Oh you have an one! Power is gooood to have for the A9's.

    An audio sampling is definitely on order.

    Definitely find some time I'm down.

    I also moved the speakers around to day. Pulled out the fronts a bit and toed them in to the center.
    Sound is improved. good call F1nut.

    I also moved the surrounds.


  • Re: Ever feel the need to just want to build a classic surround system?

    Love that idea. I've been doing this so long I have rooms full of stuff.

    Those pioneer rear projections were the bomb. I feel bad I had to go cut one up with a chainsaw to get it out of a friends basement once. He built the basement around the TV.

    My workout room currently has the RT line in it. 800,1K,2K. 1000p. I also have my original RT 10's from the 1995.
    I also still have my first receiver from 1987. Pioneer VSX -5900S. That thing is a beast it won't die.

    I'm still am using a Pioneer laser disc in my master bedroom. Kind of funny I have a OPPO 203 ultra 4K on top of it.
    Every time I visit a family member I see equipment I once owned. It would be fun to put it all back together.

    If you put it together I would come see it.

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