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  • Re: Amplifier choice

    I find the new gen3 Emotiva Amps to be less bright then their earlier offerings. I have been trying a Gen3 5 channel for a few weeks and it is a better fit over the gen2 I have. I will most likely keep it so I can fund my new subs too.
    The new DR amps will give the 9’s all they can handle but they seem to be more then I will need. The Gen 3 is really enough. I am also running 4 A9’s in my system and the gen3 has lots of headroom.
    I have also heard another forum members system with a Parasound and A9’s and I feel it was awesome. I would do a A51 Halo if money is not tight.
    I say give them a shot you can return it if not happy.
  • Re: RTA 15T are they worth a look

    Very Cool pickup.
    We had issues getting the seller on the RTA's to respond so we ended up going and picking up a clean pair of LSi15's from a guy in Sugarhouse. I hooked him up with an Adcom amp and he is in heaven.
  • Re: Getting the most out the RTis

    Clipdat wrote: »
    Never got my ears on anything from the RTi line, but being a Klipsch fan I would probably like that bright tweeter.

    I would agree with that statement. I have a few Klipsch friends that love my RtiA's. I think for movies they are as solid as the come. Music I will stick to anything with an LS in front of it.
  • Re: RTA 15T are they worth a look

    I plan to go tomorrow and look at them. Looks like a fun winter project to update with my nephew. He has the bug too. He got a Rega P3 turntable for Christmas. Now I want one. :)
  • Re: Sony 75” TV deal rocks

    mantis wrote: »
    I keep looking at the Sony OLED and think well this might be the replacement for my Kuro. The Z series is also damn killer and I don't honestly know which one I like better. I lean towards the Z but the OLED looks so damn impressive. So much better then the LG or anything else on the market except the Z series Sony which might be still better.

    The OLED still doesn’t have the brightness level of the 940/Z9 models. The black level is impressive in the Z9/940 making it the sweet spot for me.
    I love the black level of OLED but I know it’s not a finished technology.
    I would go for the Z if price is not a factor. The 940E this year has A few updates last years 940D needed. It is not the Z9 but it is a lot closer than last years model.
    It was hard to justify the extra $2700 in the 75” when they are side by side this year.
    Replacing your Kuro is a hard sale. I still have 2 VT Panasonic plasma in the bedrooms. They aren’t going anywhere.

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