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  • Re: Used truck question

    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    ...Best anti-theft device extant for an automobile (or truck) in 2018 :)...

    Also great for keeping teens from texting and driving - got my son a ‘99 Ranger w/ 5sp manual. Driving a manual transmission is a lost art any more.
  • New bench test equipment!

    I’ve been using and Atten signal generator and an HP 339A for the longest time to measure distortion on amps and preamps before and after mods. The combination has been effective, if a bit cumbersome. I have also wanted to be able to measure distortion below 0.1%, however the 339A did not go lower than that.

    A couple days ago I snagged this nice HP (Agilent) 8903B formthe crazy price of $450. This incorporates a signal generator and distortion analyzer in one, and reads distortion down to 0.001%. The unit was calibrated only a year ago, and is very clean inside and out. I always marvel at the build quality of these old HP units - actual internal frames, removable PCB cards, and clean, efficient designs. This stuff was built to last - I’m very happy to add t to my bench.

  • Re: Carver TFM35x vs M1.0t to run my SDA's

    Viking64 wrote: »
    The plot thickens.

    Not really. John didn't know that so its no biggie. There was also an issue with one person who was doing this MOD not doing it properly, resulting in a fair number of failures, so it got a bad rep (for good reasons).

    ...he said taking the amps beyond their designed performance has proven to be very hard on the old power supplies, and he does not approve of it.

    With all due respect, this is false on multiple levels. First, in the mkII mod, the power supply is entirely rebuilt, with new rectifiers and commutators speced for the increased voltage. The capacitors in the power supply are upsized in both voltage and capacitance. The mag coil (not transformer) has no trouble whatsoever operating at the increased voltage.

    Second, if you look at the similarities between a modded 1.0t and TFM55, you’ll quickly see incontrovertible proof that the design is solid - there is speculation that the inspiration for the mkII draws heavily from the TFM55. Look at the innards of both, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

    And third, the track record of stability (as Dan points out) speaks for itself. Failures are vanishingly rare, and the vast majority of those are caused by people who have no business under the hood of an amp attempting to perform the mod. In fact, the individual of whom Dan speaks now sells mkII “kits” on EBay - a profoundly bad idea. I have well over $5,000 invested in test equipment, parts and bench supplies. This gear is necessary to perform the mkII mod (or any mod, for that matter) correctly. Further, all reputable techs (myself included) stand behind our work. He11, we even repair the botched jobs, usually for free, just to keep people from pointing to the “hatchet jobs” and being able to say “seeeeee...... I told you so...”

  • Re: Great bands/performers you just can't fall in love with.

    verb wrote: »
    Tony M wrote: »
    I liked Johnny Depp in a way. But after he mentioned assassinating a US president, one that's trying to better this Country, was over the top. Now I don't want to watch a single movie he stars in!
    He should've kept his Assinine Assassin thought to himself as far as I'm concerned. Sure, he can dislike the Pres. but these beheading and racist bull just takes it too far.

    Yeah I'm with ya. Not that I'm a grammy awards regular viewer, more like never, but last night's viewership was the lowest ever!!! Hmmm...wonder why???

    3 hours of a bunch of self-important egomaniacs kissing each others rear ends and telling each other how great they are - sprinkled with unfunny humor and for the most part horrible “musical” numbers.... what’s not to like?

    I never understood why these people seem to want to advertise their political views. I’ll never forget my uncle growing up - he was a plumber and an avid Clinton supporter. I once asked him why he never talked about politics outside the house. His response was genius - “why would I risk alienating half of my customers just to talk politics?” Besides he said, “there are far better things to talk about.”

  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    If the noise is coming from the transformer (and I suspect it is), then it’s almost certainly from Magnetostriction, which is a completely normal phenomenon in higher powered transformers, and nothing to worry about.

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