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  • Re: Carver TFM35x vs M1.0t to run my SDA's

    Short answer, no. Most Carver SS amps (and Sunfire too) are better voltage source amps, and less so current source amps. The TFM 35(x) is not a mag coil (switching) power supply - it is a traditional SS design. Carver mag coil amps are not great current source amps either, and neither are Sunfire, for that matter. The only way to get heaps of current is with BIG transformers... or tubes.

    Quick way to determine current is to look at low-impedance performance. Any high current amp worth a damn will double power each step from 8-4-2 ohms, and be rock-stable at 2 ohms.
  • Re: Any one else have this "disorder"?

    Clipdat wrote: »
    Nice looking speakers! Sell me that Rotel in the background lol
    daddyjt wrote: »
    The only speakers I regret selling were a pair of NHT 2.5. I know, they are a pretty modest item, but I really enjoyed them - a lot. Yesterday I found a very clean pair of 2.5i by NHT on the local classified site.
    It's not as appealing as you might think - it's the 1075 model, 120w x 5 for HT....
  • Re: Internal jack design in high end electronics - small wires vs. solid metal

    Electrically (and sonicly) I doubt there is much if any difference, assuming quality materials are used.

    That said, I strongly prefer chassis mounted recepticals, connected to the PCB via flexible wires. The reason being, if there is any flex with the mounted RCA, it will be transfers to the PCB via a solid connection. Flex on a PCB is never a good thing. A wired connection isolates the PCB from any flexing of the surface the jacks are mounted to.

    I understand that some equipment is so solidly built that this is not a concern, but it remains a concern for the vast majority of equipment.
  • Re: Parasound 2250 v2 or Adcom GFA-555 II Carver TFM-45

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    I own a TFM45. Unless the amp you're looking at has been recapped and completely gone through in the last couple of years you can add 500.00 to what ever price you're paying for it. This is fact and not just "well it should be done" . The icing on the cake is IF someone has been inside and did work it could be more. Many get inside and cause more trouble than its worth.

    I can recap and fully calibrate a TFM45/42/M4.0t for about $250 + shipping. I use a bank of smaller capacitors for the main filter caps, as they are virtually extinct now, and any NOS specimens are almost half way through their usable life, before they are ever installed in an amp. The smaller bank of capacitors is superior in performance, with a much lower ESR, and the cost is significantly less.

    I would personally go with an M500t, in the mkII configuration - especially if you like a warmer, more musical sound. The 500t is widely considered the most musical of the Carver solid state designs.
  • Re: Hi Sal

    Lasareath wrote: »
    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    Just what is your end game here Sal?

    I thought about this. It took me a couple of days to figure it out and here it goes:

    When I wake up 3 days in a row and life is working out perfectly and I can smile and laugh all day long I feel guilty.

    So I come here to take some abuse because I know you are all excellent abusers.

    And then I feel terrible but I stop feeling guilty.

    That's about it.


    Unrealistic assertations in the harsh light of logic can often make one feel abused, when if fact they are just facing to shortcomings of their position.

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