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  • Re: Used truck question

    mhardy6647 wrote: »
    ...Best anti-theft device extant for an automobile (or truck) in 2018 :)...

    Also great for keeping teens from texting and driving - got my son a ‘99 Ranger w/ 5sp manual. Driving a manual transmission is a lost art any more.
  • Re: Infinity Kappa 600

    Very nice score! My Infinity Kappa 9 pair ore one of my three favorites in rotation right now. I couldn’t agree more on the decline of Infinity - they really did “sell out”.

    Enjoy the new sound!
  • Re: Petition for support of Larry, David and Hermitism....

    F1nut wrote: »
    Not climbing out of anything today, messed up my back.

    Sucks to get old...

    Agreed, but it’s better than the alternative :wink:
  • Re: Petition for support of Larry, David and Hermitism....

    gimpod wrote: »
    Off Topic:
    tonyb wrote: »
    Given the new corporate tax structure too,

    Wow - WTH did THAT come from? Corporate “greed” is what built this great hobby we all enjoy. Can you imagine the speakers and amps we’d get if government were the sole source and producer of Audio gear? We’d be heralding the unveiling of the revolutionary 8-track tape right about now...

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  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    Clipdat wrote: »
    ...With regards to it having been damaged during shipping, unless the transformer physically came detached during shipping there isn't much else that could cause this that wouldn't immediately cause the fuses to blow...

    With all due respect, this is a false statement. I routinely ship amps and preamps all over the country, and there are several forms of shipping damage beyond the transformer coming loose (and some far more frustrating and insidious). Just to name a few, stress cracks in PCBs that are almost invisible to the naked eye (but still sever the traces), bias and voltage pots jarred out of alignment, buss connectors shaken loose, frigid temps causing condensation inside the chassis, and so on. I’ve personally experienced all of these - and yes, one transformer that came loose and beat the he11 out of the innards. Point being that there can be damage that you cannot detect without proper test equipment.

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