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    HA! How you like dem apples.
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

    K_M wrote: »
    I really enjoy the SDA Effect on some music.

    Between the 2 pairs we own, the SDA Effect sounds "different" for sure, but not sure I could say one or the other makes the effect better than the other.

    On some music I do not prefer the SDA effect. It depends on how it was recorded or just created in general.

    On some stuff I like the standard Rta11 sound or the Lsi15 sound.

    I have heard SRS 2s and SDA 2B. Completely different environments and gear used.

    The SRS 2s were in a garage and were running through an Adcom GFA555 with an Adcom EQ via Ipad.

    SDA 2Bs were in my bedroom (13x15x9) run by a Yamaha AV34 integrated via Ipad pro.

    I remember the SRS 2s being VERY bright but the bass was incredible, I wasn't caught up on terms and didn't know how to critically listen at the time so I can't comment much further or on the SDA effect.

    My 2Bs had almost as much bass but to me was more balanced than I remember the SRS's. Granted I leave tone controls at flat for everything and I believe my uncle (Owner of the SRS 2s) liked more of a V shaped sound profile. I hate to think my 2Bs sounded better but I feel like I understood them more than he did. Those speakers forever changed me and got me into vintage audio or "hi-fi" audio in general.

    My uncles idea of showing off the SDAs were to lay on the floor and feel the bass. Kinda tells me about his listening style =P
  • Re: Which Polkie has a ton of vintage gear

    Yup @dkfreebird is right

    24377365673_00c0cd649a_b.jpg013 by Mark Hardy, on Flickr

    Is that what you were looking for bud?
  • Re: Sesos anyone?

    I say go for it, you already seem pretty crazy. It might even make you less insane =P

    In all seriousness we eat tons of that stuff in Az and I haven't had anyone complain...although I did have some letters from the mental hospital but I just thought they were spam.
  • Re: Hi Sal

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    F1nut wrote: »
    Couldn't stay away, eh?

    He's turning over a new Leaf....

    That was a good one.

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