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  • Re: Any Pitbull owners in the house

    I can't comment on the cold portion but pits in general are very flexible dogs. I've had a pup or two of them in my day and had no issues with riding in vehicles or being in close quarters as long as they trust you.
  • Re: Jennings Research speakers

    I used Restore a finish with 0000 steel wool and feed n wax on my Advent 25th anniversary speakers. Did wonders in my opinion but im not wood worker. I'm sure I might catch flack for the above by @F1nut but I know he is a wood wizard.
  • Re: Simple Headphone Setup.

    Upgraded to a little dot 1+. Hehe digging it with GE JAN 5654w tubes, much more controlled than the bravo v2.
  • Re: Miss you all

    txcoastal1 wrote: »
    How's the princess doing Cody?

    Doing great! Has had a seamless transition to our place, made new friends and got a principals award at school already. Couldn't be happier with having her with me everyday.
  • Miss you all

    Work has been so dang busy lately (back to school is our busy season) that I haven't touched a computer or tablet after getting back home. Combine that with now having my little one full time and worrying about homework, school pictures, dinners, lunches etc. I just wanted to stop and say...

    To all of you effected by Hurricane Harvey my heart goes out to you and I am praying for you in trying times.

    To all of you that could be affected by Hurricane Irma please be safe and if you are in the danger zone just do yourself a favor and get it a "vacation" or something. Praying for you as well.

    To all of you that got new gear or speakers that is AWESOME and I hope you are enjoying every bit of what you work for, you deserve it!

    To all of you that are helping people out with dropping knowledge bombs keep doing so, you are the reason I got hooked on this site as I have a passion for learning all things.

    To all of you offering great deals on gear to other Polkies, you da REAL MVP.

    To all of you that bash threads and cause headaches and drama over nothing...meh


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