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  • Re: HDTracks disappointing issue

    Unsubbing via email and then emailing that same address can break some laws technically. I can see why they would just say get a new address to avoid possible issues even if they add you back in. Would cause the wrong eyes to look at them for CAN-SPAM Act violations.
  • Re: RTA 11T vs Monitor 11T? What's the difference?

    pitdogg2 wrote: »
    pretty sure they switched the name from Monitor 11 to RTA11T for the first gen. Then TL for the second gen. Everything I see in the vintage the PCB board for both the M11 and RTA11 use the same caps and resistors. RTA11 T once again I think the T stood for Tower and the TL was then for Tri-lam tweeter.

    Its confusing for sure. All I know is I should of bought a set back in the day new they were offered to me for an ungodly cheap price and I PASSED worst decision I ever made.

    Yup, changed the name as there was another company with a Monitor 11 if I remember correctly.
  • Re: AURALiC

    kharp1 wrote: »
    My understanding of it is that they tried to develop an Android app, had problems with it over and over and decided to give up on it.

    I use an IPad Pro for audio but always android for phones. Crappy thing about app creation with android is you have to create an app on the base Linux system then you have to make it for each individual carrier. Then some phones require their own versions to work.

    1 app that can have dedicated time is turned into 10 copies with different coding and usually with their share of issues.

    Still team android though >:)
  • Re: New-to-me RT16s

    Replacement tweeters are SL6508 apparently, at least that's what Polk "Recommends". The originals were SL6501, on another thread I read that they advise to contact Polk to make sure the SL6508 will drop in as their could be slight differences in the dimensions but mechanically they work similarly. I don't know the upgrade path for that tweeter model but at least you know the model number now. = ]
  • Re: Pros and cons of multiple subwoofers

    @honestaquarian Firstly is it funny that for the LONGEST time I thought your name was Honest Harlequin? Wow what a difference two seconds of concentration make.

    I had two subs in my set up previously and enjoyed it but it was more of a whatever I could put together system. Had a PSW110 and sold it to a friend (thought it sounded nice but it is a budget sub for a reason) then I found an 8inch Harman Kardon subwoofer which was alright.

    The only reason it is no in rotation is I found a Velodyne CHT-12 for $20 at my local thrift shop. Not everyone can get a HSU or SVS (Yes even the $500 models) and from what I hear the 505 is a great fit for that type of person. One who wants the best bass possible out of a $200 and below package.

    Tell me a better subwoofer for $200 @marcpamjoce

    You have a nice theater for sure but you seem to look down on anything that isn't up to snuff or what you consider a real subwoofer.

    Just curious what was the very first subwoofer you ever bought?

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