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  • Re: Jennings Research speakers

    Yep2 wrote: »
    I used Restore a finish with 0000 steel wool and feed n wax on my Advent 25th anniversary speakers. Did wonders in my opinion but im not wood worker. I'm sure I might catch flack for the above by @F1nut but I know he is a wood wizard.

    Please dont use steel wool.
    You will never get it all out of the wood before refinishing.

    Not sure if it matters that I didn't do a refinish or used new Vaneer. Simply used this to rejuvenate old faded walnut. Either way it was a learning experience as the speakers were gifted, I'm still impressed by the difference after using the Howard's products.
  • Re: BIG changes on my horizon

    Will do good buddy. I'll post on here when the order has been filed officially which will be tomorrow hopefully!
  • Re: BIG changes on my horizon

    You can get a change in child support without a court order, you can't get a change of custody without the judge signing off on it. She could come back into town and unless you have the custody in your household, she could take Sophia back to Oregon with her and only be in contempt of visitation order, not custody order as she is at this time the custodial parent. She could easily convince the court that a move was needed to escape her recent ex and provide safety for Sophia as reason enough to move. If you have custody, she becomes a kidnapper and stiffer criminal action will be taken. Without the custody change they won't even look for her in Oregon, they will only issue a bench warrant for her in AZ, in case she comes back.

    Think through all potential is the only way to handle this. Verbal agreements don't stand up in custody cases.

    No verbal agreements here. We have an order for stipulation of an existing custody order by agreement. We just have to get DCSE to sign off since they are involved in the case of child support (although they claim they are different cases we still need it). Basically we fill out the new custody order together, have DES sign off on it, go to the court house of our original order, have them notarize after we sign, pay the filing fees, that goes to the judge who signs off on it and sends it out to us.
  • Re: Amps for sale...

    That Delta 100 is very tempting.
  • Re: Gearing up to buy my first home

    deronb1 wrote: »
    That is awesome! My dsughter is also 26 and she just heard her offer was accepted on her first home. Only 64k tho...lol45nylo1kgaj2.jpg

    That's a nice looking home though, 64,000 would be a deal for me haha! Congrats to her!

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