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  • Re: Switch to Spotify Premium

    Not sure if people are aware as I wasn't for a long time. Spotify on computer free account (can choose specific songs to listen to, can create playlists and radio), mobile free account (Just radio), IPad app (same as the computer).

    I SERIOUSLY considered not renewing once I found out that I can play specific songs and create playlists regardless of if the account was premium or not on my IPad.

    I ended up renewing simply because my wife has her own account and the family plan is a great deal. You and 5 other users for $15.

  • Re: The moped of Audio??

    Mopeds are cool as are fat chicks, just as long as your friends don't see you riding them.

  • Re: Audiogon transaction question

    I'm not a rocket scientist but that don't sound right.
  • Re: Looking for Misc Audio Deals of the Day? Updated info here!

    MrBuhl wrote: »
    Thanks to you miscreants, this happened. How sweet it is, sounds amazing! Marantz DV8400. Looks purty too IMO. Great addition and an obvious change from my Sonys sound-wise.

    Loos good glad the transaction went smoothly!
  • Re: Crossovers upgraded/refreshed or new integrated?

    I do like how it sounds currently, if I had to nit pick I would want more stereo separation and a warmer sound. I haven't really looked around much before as window shopping gets me in trouble. I haven't heard a ton but I do like the marantz sound and looks, old and vintage.

    I know I need to look around just to even gain a good perspective of what I am looking for but I don't care about the bells and whistles. If it sounds good, looks decent, pairs good with my SDAs and is common ground I'll be happy.

    I will probably end up going used for the integrated so that is not out of the question.

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