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  • Re: Polk Audio Command Bar - Official Discussion

    Good afternoon Members of the Forum.

    The first thread of the Command bar was shut down due to VERY inappropriate language being used towards Amazon, Dave Limp, and Polk Audio.

    This is a project that we, at Polk Audio and Amazon, have worked very hard on.

    Please do not simply dismiss the efforts of our teams because of your feelings for Voice Products or Soundbars.

    We have found a very nice solution that will work in a consumers Alexa eco-system. It will introduce consumers who wouldn't normally consider a Voice product, to our products.

    This is a very versatile bar for ONLY 299, a very reasonable price range for the features it has.

    If foul language is used on this thread directed at any of the Brands: Polk Audio, Amazon, Sound United, there will be consequences for the perpetrators. We are a community that should respect each other and share ideas, not tear each other down.

    Thank you for your time. If anyone has questions about anything said here, questions about the Command Bar, the collaboration or Polk and Amazon or the recent acquisition of Classe Audio by Sound United please let me know via direct message or response to the thread. I will do my best to check on this through out the evening.


    Why shut down the thread instead of removing comments you felt were inappropriate? Opinions are opinions and shutting the thread down seems like a way to "hide" the disappointment we felt on this announcement as oppose to removing individual comments that fit the terms you stated above?

    Not trying to bicker here but taking down a whole thread for SOME comments seems a little heavy handed.
  • Re: What Adcom amp for my SDA/SRS’s?

    In regards to Adcom GFA 565 amps
    F1nut wrote: »
    Anyway, there are two circumstances when you can use mono block amps with SDA SRS speakers. One is if your serial numbers are above 5001 on both speakers. If so, you can use the special AI-1 interconnect cable, which you'll have to make as it's no longer sold. The other is if you can tie the negative outputs of the amps together to create a common ground. You'll have to check with Adcom to see if that can be done with those amps.
  • Re: How "Polked" are you?

    TCK wrote: »

    Now that's "polked"
  • Re: Bose 601 restore for prosperity sake

    VSAT88 wrote: »
    I found a pair of these once in MINT at a local thrift shop, still had the manufacturer tag tied on the back. $100 however I didn't have the funds so I called my uncle who came and picked them up, never got to listen to them though. =/
    Well that just sucks !

    I agree I would have loved to listen to them however I did get a Pioneer PL 510 for $10 the same day and a mint pair of SDA 2B studios for $100 a week later. I feel it was my audio karma paying me back.
  • Re: Latest Netflix find

    Viking64 wrote: »
    I refuse to read a movie. I’ll be skipping over that one.
    If you mean "Dark", we have determined that you can choose English as a spoken language and turn off the sub-titles.

    I read the dub is bad (someone else's opinion) plus I don't mind subtitles. I watch a bit of international films and seem to enjoy reading subtitles over any dubs, not in all cases though.

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