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  • Re: Total eclipse sound off

    We had something like 97 or 98% coverage here in Atlanta. I went out with my coworkers and watched it for about 30 minutes. Pretty cool. Literally, the temp dropped by about 15-20 degrees. Wished I had driven a couple hours north to see totality. Next time I might actually go see it in Mazatlan.
  • Re: I did some soldering today. Helped a friend with his EVSE.

    Lasareath wrote: »
    @F1nut told me years ago if you're gonna do soldering you might as well buy a LB of Cardas silver solder and that spool has got to be still 3/4 of LB. Great Investment.

    So I used the Cardas silver solder.

    Yep, I followed the same advice 10 or so years ago. Still using the same 1-lb. roll of good ole Quad Eutectic.

    Its not like I don't use it. I've done countless repairs, rebuilt a few sets of speaker crossovers, built several sets of speaker cables, rewired/soldered all the inputs/outputs on an old NAD receiver, and built a complete DIY dual mono phono stage (Pass Pearl). A pound of solder goes a long way. Well worth it to not have to wonder if I have enough for the job. Although, I might be surprised some day if the spool has a larger diameter than expected. 6bwkplqlrfco.jpg
  • Re: Need help with a NAS

    Let me get back to your question of the iTunes "library." This could be referring to a couple different things. The first, is basically, the folder where you have saved/downloaded/ripped all your music that is managed by iTunes. I think it defaults to the User Library>My Music in most later versions of Windows. If you never changed anything, that is where it is located. That is not the absolute path, it would be something like C:\Users\UserX\Music.

    iTunes also creates a folder that stores all the library information (metadata/album covers,etc) and device (ipod) sync data. That is often a subfolder in the Music library directory, or it is sometimes under C:/Users/UserX/AppData. It should have a folder name of iTunes Library or similar.

    Overall, I think the best way to manage it, it to have all your music in one folder, on the NAS (backed up on a PC) and have all devices/iTunes/ELAC point to the NAS folder with your music. You can copy everything out of your existing iTunes library to the NAS folder. Just don't let iTunes mange the folder. I don't like the way iTunes rearranges/renames things.
  • Re: Need help with a NAS

    Halo, That last post is asking quite a few questions. I'll see if I can address them.

    In basic form, the NAS is a storage unit for whatever you want to put on it. Music files, Video files, documents, etc. Some NAS have 'apps' that run on top of them, but it is mostly just a storage device that is seen across your network.

    Itunes/Apple music is a store/software. The files you have paid for and downloaded are still yours to use. FreeNAS won't have Itunes built in, but any other computer/device that is connected to the network will be able to access the files on the NAS. You will just need to configure Itunes on each device to see the NAS folder as the library.
  • Re: Need help with a NAS

    It may be cheap and easy, but I wouldn't recommend using the laptop, especially if it is not wired to ethernet. Laptops in general don't perform as well when it comes to I/O. Using external drives would be slow UNLESS they are USB3.0 or eSATA connection. Also, windows is not a good platform for NAS. It is way too bloated.

    Best option is to buy an actual dual(or greater) stand alone NAS box. If your external drives can be removed, you could buy a diskless NAS and fill it. Beware, some external drives cannot be removed from their cases, or if you can, they do not have standard SATA connection (some of the USB3.0 are like this).

    Next best option would be to take that old desktop, wipe the disk and load something like FreeNAS onto it. Despite it having an older Dual Core Pentium, it would likely be fine unless you are looking to transcode (Plex) video. For audio, it would be more than enough.

    Yes, you might have to learn some Linux basics, but overall, it would perform MUCH better. Again with this setup, you could possibly take those external drives and mount them inside the PC.

    Last choice would be to use the laptop. Again, I would wipe and load FreeNAS to it. It should work with external USB drives, but if they are anything less than USB3.0, you will have a big bottleneck.

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