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  • Re: Home Theater Projectors/Screens

    I still think 4k projectors are in their infancy. I'd get a $1200 refurb Epson 5030UB for now and get a good screen. Upgrade the projector later. 1080p still looks great to me on a 100" screen at 12' away.
  • Re: Netflix...pppffffttttt

    Netflix has become more of an original programming source over the last few years. Many of their shows are award winning (House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Crown, Orange is the New Black, etc).

    If you want a one stop place for older movies, forget about it. It doesn't exist anymore. Everyone vies for exclusive rights to certain studios now. You need to have multiple services if you want to have "everything." Amazon Prime, Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Starz, etc. For the new releases, nothing beats a $2 RedBox rental and a BD-Rom drive (hint: MakeMKV)
  • Re: Ph0t0bucket Ransom Demand!

    They locked me today. Good riddance photo₽hucket!
  • Re: Ph0t0bucket Ransom Demand!

    Although, I should mention, I seem to have access to all my photos when I log into PhotoBucket. They just sent the email and now my images show the ransom demand link. Not that it really maters since I have local originals for all the photos.

    EDIT: Eff it. I deleted the account. I'm not waiting for them to realize it was stupid. Even if they took a softer approach, they'd probably still want the minimal account to 3rd party link/host.
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  • Re: I've been given the green light

    Shameless sales pitch:
    Check out how easy to use and how integrated this Onkyo System is:

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