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  • Re: Nocturnal Feline Speaker Defence

    1st, clip the cat's nails. Keep them short, just above the pink line. It doesn't hurt them as long as you don't go into the pink/blood line.

    2nd, get the cat a Turbo-scratcher toy and load it up with cat-nip. Show the cat how to use it. They love it! I've had 4 different cats (2 currently) over the last 15 years. They have never even bothered with the speakers. They are totally satisfied scratching the cardboard turbo scratcher.

    They sell refills also. Tip: When one side starts to get worn, flip it over.
  • Re: Mustang any good in the twisties?

    Golf/GTI are great cars and drive great, but VW is still not known for great reliability. The Mazda or Lexus will be far better over the course of 10+ years.

    I had a Passat for almost 10 years/130k miles. Was probably more reliable than most VWs, but it had its share of problems.
  • Re: Fidelizer

    Or, just use a small Linux OS like Daphile, which doesn't have anything extra running in the first place... :wink:
    I guess if you have to have Windows, something like this is good.
  • Re: Internet Connection Problems - Help!

    Sounds like a Comcast issue. Keep bugging them until you get bumped up to Tier 3 support. Tier 3 is where you need to be. I would also recommend posting on the Comcast Tech Support forums and keep posting/bumping the thread that the problem still exists.
    Find the appropriate sub-forum here:

    I had a problem last Fall with a sudden loss of 5-channels on my cable feed. I use Tivo+cablecard so troubleshooting was harder than normal. Lots of calls to Tivo/Comcast, new cablecard, etc....still no fix.

    Finally posted in forum and bumped it a few times. Several days later I got a call from Tier 3 support. Believe it or not, they can actually see your modem and/or cable box diagnostics, channel strength, interference, etc and create a log that shows dropouts or other issues.

    For me, he could clearly see a signal issue (even though my signal strength was high.) He detected an interference that was causing the channel loss. Also said my modem was resetting a lot (I didn't notice a problem but they saw it).

    Sent a Tech out and after a couple hours, they finally found a pair of really old (90s era) filters that were installed at the head feed for my line. They never caused a problem until Comcast moved the 5-channels to the frequency that matched the filters.

    Filters removed, problem solved and now everything works better than ever.
  • Re: FS: A couple Zotac Zbox mini/nano PCs, for Kodi, Netflix, Plex etc.

    MrBuhl wrote: »
    Dumb question - half of what is written in this thread I have no idea what it means...
    But... do these require hard wire or can they run off WiFi and still run Kodi? Interested in the movie services for hotel living.

    They all have wireless capability, but work better when connected to wired network, especially if viewing high quality 1080p video with HD audio.

    I will send you more info by PM.

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