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  • Re: Nocturnal Feline Speaker Defence

    1st, clip the cat's nails. Keep them short, just above the pink line. It doesn't hurt them as long as you don't go into the pink/blood line.

    2nd, get the cat a Turbo-scratcher toy and load it up with cat-nip. Show the cat how to use it. They love it! I've had 4 different cats (2 currently) over the last 15 years. They have never even bothered with the speakers. They are totally satisfied scratching the cardboard turbo scratcher.

    They sell refills also. Tip: When one side starts to get worn, flip it over.
  • Re: This place is dead

    I just don't spend much time at any forum these days. I burned myself out in the 2003-2013 era. I think I'm a 'member' at something like 50+ forums. The amount of emails I get on my birthday is crazy. Half of the forums I have forgotten about.

    I still come to this one more than any though.

    Overall, I think the photobucket debacle is going to reduce traffic at MANY forums. The tons of photo tutorials, articles, and write-ups that are ruined now is mind boggling.
  • Re: Looking for suggestions on decent RCA interconnects.

    Question for msg and DSkip, what raw cable do you recommend from Doug? I'm thinking of building a new pair of interconnects and possibly a digital coax for my DAC.
    I haven't bought any cables in about 10 years.
  • Re: FS: Pioneer Elite PD-D9-J SACD Player

    dekuda wrote: »
    very nice unit...unfortunately more and more guys are ripping sacd's just like you will be doing. I think that questions the demand for sacd players. fortunately Japan is pumping out sacd's and guys are buying them then selling the sacd's after ripping them. This has increased my sacd collection tremendously. The thing is that the output of a sacd may be the closest we come to the original master analog tapes. (Including DSD)..If your looking at DACS I would look at PS audio , maybe the DSJ that decodes DSD 10x and engineered to the hilt . Good luck with the sale!

    Actually, I have no intention of ripping SACD. I would need some other hardware for that. For the average joe, ripping SACD is beyond what they are willing to do to get High Res music.

    I only have a handful of SACDs and I'm keeping an older Sony SACD player for those.

    As for digital files, I'll pretty much be playing 16/44 and 24/96-192 PCM files. Most of the DACs I'm looking at don't do DSD anyway.
  • Re: New To Club Polk

    My suggestion would be to obtain, or build an interconnect for the SDAs, then use them as your front speakers. You will have much better imaging and a wider sound stage from the SDAs compared to the Monitor 10. Although, you will likely have to replace the tweeters (with the new RD0194 silk domes from Polk) on the SDAs to get the smoothness of the Peerless tweeters that are in your Monitor 10. Sell the Monitor 10 to finance the new tweeters. Find a pair of Monitor 5 or 5Jr for your rear speakers.

    Oh yeah, I'd only use 1 sub driven directly from your receiver.

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