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  • Re: Computer help needed with camcorder connection

    vmaxer wrote: »
    billbillw wrote: »
    Glad to help. Nobody wants to loose old videos. Make sure you make a 2nd backup of those.

    I sure will.

    What is the best method to burn the files to a DVD?

    I am wanting to make a couple for my mother.

    Best or easiest? You can get fancy editing, adding transitions, graphics, intro music, etc. or you can just arrange them all in one ~1hr video and burn it to disc.

    Windows Movie maker is probably the easiest.

    Lots of choices if you want to get fancy...Pinnacle, Sony Vegas, Adobe Premiere, etc. Something called Open Shot (no experience, but its rated high). I haven't done much movie editing since around 2004, so I'm out of the current software loop.
  • Re: Computer help needed with camcorder connection

    I think I was having to use Windows Movie Maker to pull the video off my DV recorder a few years back.

    If you don't have Movie Maker, you can install it on Windows 7, 8, or 10 with the Windows Live Essentials installation software. It looks like Microsoft doesn't have links to the software anymore, so if you can't find the software to download, I have a copy archived. Let me know and I will give you a Google drive link later tonight.

    Edit: I haven't tried this, but found a link to a web archive:

    The software is a full suite, but you can de-select everything except Windows Movie Maker (and perhaps Photo Gallery). Let me know if this doesn't work.
  • Re: OLED vs. QLED - My Observations

    NEVER compare TV images in a store and expect a true representation of what will look best in your home once you calibrate it and adjust the brightness/contrast to what is best for dark viewing. OLED is capable of much better contrast ratios (unboosted) and will give inky blacks that are better than just about anything.

    In the store, they are usually set too bright, and the colors are set for "vivid" images that are not really accurate to true life.
  • Re: Corrosion Resistant Grease for Speaker Wire

    I would tin the leads on the copper wire (aka tiny bit of solder). Helps from excessive fraying too.
  • Re: Picked up a new Stihl chain saw

    I've got an old (early 90s?) Stihl 027 that I picked up used in 2014 for something like $175.

    In warm weather, it starts with 2-3 pulls. In cold, it takes a few more, but always runs great. I've had about 6 large trees fall in my yard since then, and it has been a huge money saver. Learn how to sharpen your blades and it will keep cutting like a champ for years.

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