I believe they are supposed to be angled downward and inward toward the listening position. I have a pair wired up but I don't use them because my AVR will only use the rears or the presence not both. I never really put the presence speakers through the paces but I wasn't all that impressed with the few times that I tried them.


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  • I used to play guitar back in the day, I tried to get back into it the easy way

    I played around with "Rocksmith"? and it was ok, I still have it so my PS3 could be of some use. Anyway back before all the tech stuff I was learning a lot of theory and it helped me advance more so than that Rocksmith thing (it is good for what it is). Does anyone know a pc program that is good to re-learn from? I have time to myself now and still have a couple of nice guitars. BTW I almost cut off the tip of my index finger, it is healing nicely so it's like "use em if you got em".
  • Re: Great six record set deal on two of the best.

    kharp1 wrote: »
    It does seem kind of odd that they would automatically default to "cancel."

    I have seen this many times for the same item. It was mostly with Zappa when I was still working on my antemortem collections. Prices fluctuated wildly on available titles but I had them locked in at a low price. I eventually got my order after reaffirming as many as four times.
  • Re: Is Rock dead?

    50's 60's jazz
  • Re: This place is dead

    K_M wrote: »
    tonyb wrote: »
    Great posts guys, from newer and older members.


    F1NUT hit on it, and a reason you can't seem to digest, this forum isn't like any old forum. You want to treat it like it is, cry when it isn't, demand that it should be. It isn't special because a few crusty old geezers think they own the place, it's special because of the family atmosphere ALL members create. You don't get it yet, but those that do fit in quite well....and never regret it. The old Polk administration actually encouraged the family atmosphere, built product loyalty. Not so sure the new Polk administration recognizes the same values. F1nut already said much of that, and worth repeating in my view.

    As Gospeltruth pointed out also, you have to listen more than you talk at first, get to know different personalities, styles. Much like starting a new job and trying to read the people you can talk to, and the ones you need to be careful around. I might suggest again, that if you think the forum is too abrasive, from "older members" too as you claim.....then the problem lies with your own personality faults rather than the forum. No forum can keep changing to address every quirky personality fault, learn the lay of the land and deal with it. It isn't hard to do, humans been doing it for thousands of years. Your not going to tell me it's all of a sudden too hard are you ?

    The world doesn't change to be black and white as to not offend every persons quirks, how boring would that be ? Maybe that's a future you'd like, but not me, and not many others here.

    I am going to say this one last time. It seems to be the part "you guys" are dancing around.

    I express exactly what I think. I think that is much we agree on. I do not care when to quit nor know when to quit, as I decide that on my own. We agree on that?

    The part you guys are not "digesting" is that Many older members are the actual ones that wanted the forum to change, and how the behavour was to change.

    They would NOT post their true feelings openly in the forum as I do.
    You are making a huge assumption that everyone that has been here a while all agrees and is of the same mindset.

    So they went to you with their "true feelings "?
  • Re: Sesos anyone?

    @msg it is tender as hell

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