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  • Re: buy Cold Storage Potato

    I love the frame that has the guy kicking the chair while his tie is flying and he's reading a comic book. :p

    I ordered that Charles Atlas thing. It was a series of "lessons" that came in the form of stapled photocopies that had several "Dynamic Tension" (isometric) exercises.

    It really worked pretty well for me. I never turned into Adonis, but I never got my a$$ kicked on the beach, either, so there's that. HAHAHAHA
  • Re: Test.

    Tony M wrote: »
    What was she thinking !

    She was thinking: "All I need to do is slide down this ramp and then I can eat that whole cake by myself."
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    pumpkinman wrote: »
    Someone over at the Steve Hoffman forum posted quite a few by Mr. Gainsbourg. So when I saw this for $1.99 I thought why not.
    One of his proteges, France Gall, died last weekend.
  • Re: Feel the hate thread

    Judith Durham .... {sigh}

    Back on topic, though. Viking, you asked for this by posting that gd coke commercial !

    5 minutes 47 seconds .... which you WILL watch in its entirety !! Dam your gawds !!

    Exhibit A of what George Orwell was trying to warn us about. :o

    I saw Up With People at an IBM "family day" thing at the local fairgrounds back in 1975. (I recall the year because I saw "Jaws" for the first time the next night.) :p

    A few years ago, that song popped into my mind (again), so I researched Up With People. A 2009 documentary ("Smile Till It Hurts" HAHAHA) tells a lot of their history. It turns out they had similarities to a cult, including arranged marriages of their members. :o
  • Re: CABLE TALK??

    lightman1 wrote: »
    I spent about $16 on cables....all of them.

    That's more than I have spent on cable TV in the last 10 years.

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