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  • Re: no bass 3.1tl

    Nope, not me. sorry. Good luck, again. ;)
  • Re: Snell Type D in Walnut

    I thought about getting these towers to match my sub.

    I bought a Snell Sub off Craig's List years ago. I still have it. I put it in for repair because a low hum could be heard when no music was being played. I bought it not knowing because the seller had music playing through it the whole time. The tech fixed it quick.
    I still have it. I don't know why except I thought it was COOL as can be and still do.
    Here's a link to an ad that has pics. and also "Snell's Ad" in it for those who are interested about a Snell "dual spider" sub.
  • Re: Speaking of the Monitor 10

    LOL ..No.

    I think it's an OXO. carousel organizer. Good Will find as is a ton of stuff out there. Yard sale things too. If I lift something up and it has 2.99 in black sharpie ink, It's def. from one of the Good Will's here.

    You know you have it bad when you DREAM your shopping in one and you come across a HUGE selection of all kinds of speakers and then YOU SEE, the Marantz and Pioneer receivers on a shelf near the stacks of speakers!

    I hated to wake-up from that one! Seriously!
  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    Got it from a Pawn Shop YEARS ago and it is like new. I've been using it pretty much since I got the set, I guess I've kept the guts energized and didn't let them get dried out. Man did it sound BEAUTIFUL when I switched to tuner and turned the vol. up a bit. Those SRS2"s are MAGNIFICENT! Thank you POLK AUDIO. <3
  • Re: Post a picture... any picture


    That would be right at home in a Tattoo Shop though. B)

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