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  • Re: New (to me) amp: McCormack DNA-125

    Here is what a minute of testing shows on two systems of mine with amps.

    I saw my NAD Int. is a C370. Not a 372.. sorry.

    I tested the 555II first. with a Adcom GTP-450 Pre.
    The amp runs silent.
    The pre has issues of bleed through. When you turn the pre on, the tuner is automatically shown in the window.
    I selected the CD source. I turned the Vol. dial to 11:00. I put my ear toward a tweeter. I heard a faint, very faint noise but not hiss. It is even lower than a hiss but then again, my hiss hearing isn't what it used to be either. I got to an inch and it was the radio playing. I couldn't make out any music or words but it was def. the FAINTEST of what a song would sound like if you took it to the weakest level before zero sound. But it was there. Picture the tiniest radio boombox you could imagine. O picture a boombox a mile or more away from you and you know it's playing and you concentrate and can just hear something that sounds like it's coming from it. This is that sound. ;)
    I switched to Video 1. Same very faint noise. same vol. vvvv
    I switched to Video 2. Same very faint noise. Vol. at 11:00 to 12:00
    I switched to Video 3 / Aux. Whoa...NO NOISE. that shocked me. Why not be like the rest? Wierd!

    Now to the big rig.

    Turned on the NAD. Of course a little soft click at turn on.
    NAD pre. comes on automatically. Vol. at zero.
    Turned the pre to CD and turned on CD player. Vol. to 11:00.
    No hum at all from the amp.
    I go to my SRS2's. No noise or his at all.
    I switch to Aux. since my TT is on those inputs through a Phono pre-amp.
    I see the pre isn't on. I've unplugged it the last Lightning storm and I don't want to move some stuff to plug it in right now.

    I will def. test things with emphsis on unit hum and speaker hiss OR radio bleed in the future.

    Like I said, I don't want to know there is hiss in my tweeters IF I spent a lot of $$$ on something that permits it to exist. Now I buy everything secondhand and have gotten GREAT deals on things and speakers. I can live with VERY SLIGHT NOISE if I can't hear it from 1" or so from what's making it. I'd try to find out if there is a perticular thing making it and then KNOW exactly which component needs to be replaced if it gets too loud in the future. I have tinitus the past 5 months or so. It sucks. So maybe I wouldn't hear a hiss if there was one at this Frequency in my hearing. BUT the ringing does stop for a second when it wants to and then back to the BS. 24/7.

    I'm def. NOT OCD personality. I used to be with dust and dirt in the house but I've mellowed over time due to age and the bad 10 years. I'll still wash my hands after picking up a little dust ball off the wood floor. Dust Mites you know. ;)

    That noise, like a very tiny radio playing, was coming from those Cerwin Vega's I refoamed a few months ago. They have horn teeters and are very efficient. It doesn't take much to get them loud. So to have the lowest of noise coming from that tweeter shows the bleed through from the Adcom pre is very, very low. But it IS bleeding the tuners sound to some other sources.

    Pretty interesting!

  • Re: Vintage Monitor and SDA Speaker Deals

    Very possible !
    They probably sold them to that thrift store for 50.00 or 100.00. :s
  • Re: DORO'S IN THE HOUSE......

  • Re: Vintage Monitor and SDA Speaker Deals

  • Re: RTA 15T are they worth a look

    It's like a car collector in a way.

    All the cars they buy can get you from point A to point B. But each car gives a different joy of driving. Take " Jay Leno " for instance. He said he loves each car for it's particular ride. :)

    My systems and speakers are like that. I haven't had the best of health in 10+ years and really the only joy I got ( adrenaline wise ) was when I tried new to me electronics and speakers. Meditation type music got me through some seriously tough times during these years. Stereo sound experiences has been my HOBBY along with wood working for my entire life.

    I have 2 of some tools too. I just do. I was glad today for just this.
    I had one extension ladder anchored to a few spots to keep it stable until I cut a branch down from 1/2 way up the tree. I started a few days ago but the wind gusts started to blow the tree around so I got off of there real quick.

    Today , my wife and I packed-up those white lawn Christmas trees and then I had to get the Christmas wreath down off of my shed's front gable. I didn't want to untie all the anchor ropes from the other extension ladder so I just grabbed my 2nd shorter one.

    I'm also a guy who got practically nothing from my parents growing up. What I got, I paid for by working before and after school. Starting at age 11 with a special work permit from the state of VA. . So a little or more of me is a hoarder / collector to make up for a lot of earlier wants that went unanswered growing up. I did start collecting coins early on and continued after age 23 or so. I sold a coin collection to put a down payment on my house. Nothing really huge but it was better than if I had drank or smoked what spare change I had for a hobby or pleasure activity per-se.

    But I've also not sold off more than what was coming into my spaces the past 5 years or more. I don't go a day with-out thinking about what has been neglected for years around here.

    I've also wanted to hear every audio related thing that I could never even think of owning most of my life. I want to hear a McIntosh amp in my plethora of stereo gear.
    I can now easily afford a used one now and maybe I'll find one after I get my hoard downsized asap. I saw a set for 5,000.00 a year ago. A Pre and a huge amp. But that was before my 401K stared to come in.

    I used to be really familiar with how each brand of speakers sounded since I owned so many of each. But Polk has ALWAYS sounded good to my ears except those RTA15T's. From what I read today, I definitely had them hooked up wrong or the amp or receiver. Maybe even a pos. plugged into a neg. terminal. Cancelling the bass completely. It's happened before to me. :s

    I think it's fine if somebody want's to just own one system.

    But I'm definitely not that kind of person. Not even close. LOL.
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