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  • Re: Feel the hate thread

    I used to eat pistachios a few years ago. I'd have the ones you have to crack open. Most are easy to split and you can get on a role just feeling the split and then opening the nut. Then I get one loose, get the nut paper like skin off it and pop em in. A few times, maybe 1 per bag, I'd pop a rotten one in and crunch down on it. Releasing the most disjusting foul putrid taste you can find in the rotten plant world. There's no warning unless you inspect every nut after the paper casing comes off.

    Anybody else ever taste a rotten pistachio?
  • Re: Are you READY for some FOOTBALL!!!

    Got to hand it to Alabama.

    Just like the Saints, the refs. helped but just a time or two. I feel the Dawgs chocked in overtime and in the end of the 4th quarter. They could've, shoud've put some more points between them. They failed to...they lost in the end. But it was fun and entertaining for the most part! B)

    The facemask by the Georgia corner might have cost them the game. It takes a team but when every foot matters, DON'T TACKLE A GUY BY HIS Fricken FACE-MASK! :s

    That quarterback for Georgia choked at the end of the 4th quarter too. :(
  • Re: The Most Famous Speaker in the History of Rock

    Scary Good!

    I'd love to hear them before I die! :p
  • Re: Feel the hate thread

    txcoastal1 wrote: »

    Reminds me of something Frank Zappa would write.

    Man how did those guys NOT screw up and say what I was thinking they were going to say!

  • Re: More Pass Labs - Not Young Anymore!

    They are cool! B)

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