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    250GTLusso wrote: »
    @TNTsTunes, glad you were able to pick up those SDA SRS 2s. How was their physical condition? They looked pretty nice from the photos (but photos can lie).

    How do they sound? Are you planning any updates right away, or are you going to let them settle in for a while?

    They are in pretty nice shape, there are a few scratches, one side panel is loose, the grill fabric needs replacement and one speaker dome has a small dent. The scratches are fixable, the fabric will be updated and I'll probably try to find a driver just because.

    Sound wise they are great. They are stock. I'm pretty impressed with them, they are keepers. Definitely nicer then 1C's sonically IMO. They pretty much give my 2.3's a run for the money.

    I have Larry's rings for them, dynamat extreme for the drivers and passives along with some blackhole already that they will get. I will be gluing the drivers and doing the dynamat right away. After my 2.3 are TL'ed and fully upgraded(just waiting on one inductor to start) I'll do and the rings, blackhole and cosmetic stuff to them. Eventually I'll do some RDO194's and the crossovers/binding posts too.
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    Toolfan66 wrote: »
    It was sad to see them go as those where the speakers that lead me to this rabbit hole called the Polk Forum, and learned about SDA's, Room Treatments, Cables, and all the other so called Snake Oil you guys sold me on.. LOL!!!

    I for one am glad and thankful they led you here, the parts and creations I've gotten from you over the years has greatly improved my SDA's and SRS's.

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  • Re: Is a B&K EX4420 a common ground amp?

    I just checked the B&K 200.2 that is replacing the 4420 in my main system tomorrow and it reads .2ohms on the 200ohm scale when reading from the l to R speaker grounds. It appears that it is a common ground amp, hopefully the 4420 is too. I'll check it once it's out of the system.

    If not I'll use my Halo A23, I just like that B&K amps sound. I could use my B&K ST2140 too I believe.

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