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  • Re: Look at this if you are near Colorado Springs... SRS 3.1 TL's

    For around 100.00 these are a great deal even with the pushed in passive. Odds are some tape can be used to pull it back out, same with the other drivers. If I was close these would be my shop speakers.
  • Re: LSiM Home Theater Amp Advice

    HCA-2003 for the win
  • Re: CABLE TALK??

    What a way to screw up a good thread I was following for the discussion and debates that were occurring about the thread topic.
    You see I haven’t debated cables at all, only what provokes one to argue. I am not seeing where my thinking is delusional at all. All I see is support for my original claim.

    As a global moderator on a different forum this is what I would have to say about your above post and your previous posts.

    Based upon your posting history in this thread, it seems like the goal was to start an Internet pissing match vs. good discussion/debate. We're not asking you to walk on egg shells when you post, just be mindful of why you're posting. Our goal is to foster fun, interesting, and sincere discussion, even if a little "spirited". Thanks for your cooperation.

    Please I am not trolling at all. I don’t think I have been anything but respectful. Jesse is a big boy and it was his choice to respond to my post.


    Nice try with your edit below you added to the above post, it doesn't change the picture you painted of yourself in your previous posts.... It didn't even make it prettier.
    The original question was what makes a cable thread go south, was it not?

    I answered that question. Jesse disagreed and commented that it’s always the naysayers. I think I was able to demonstrate that that isn’t always the case, we haven’t heard from the naysayers, and that my original post is more true than false.

    And for the record I am in the camp who has heard differences in cable and believe that cables can and will tune ones system to their liking.

    Nice avatar by the way it seems fitting for some reason.


    Is it only me or is there a resemblance???


    Can we please try to stay on topic some of us actually are interested in it.

    I for one would like to see this thread continue without the bs. Thanks.

  • Re: Vintage Monitor and SDA Speaker Deals

    250GTLusso wrote: »
    Polk Audio SDA SRS 2.3TL in LA area. No affiliation.

    If they were Walnut, they would be mine!

    gotta love the description... "Great condition no defects that I can see"

    I see 3 pushed in dust covers and the screwed up fabric on the side panel from the one pic they took.

  • Re: Vintage Monitor and SDA Speaker Deals

    TNTsTunes wrote: »
    Btw those are actually SDA 2A's you have. So how do you like the way they sound?

    You sure? They say SDA 2 and my understanding is they are really SDA 2Bs w 2 board crossovers.


    All the drivers are 6510's and they have the big bass caps that are used in 2A's. The caps for the stereo and dimensional drivers match 2A's also.

    A 2B would have 6503 stereo driver and a 6511 dimensional driver.

    They are 2A's.

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