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  • Re: So how does this combination "sound" to you

    Nostalgia bump! Hard to tell with the new forum and deleted posts/threads but I think this was one of the first threads I ever posted in here after buying my first set of Polk Audio speakers, MMC690 6x9's for my 2002 Dodge Ram at Circuit City in Temple, Texas in November 2003.

    For some reason I was thinking about this place today and the good times we had 15 years ago. There was about 9 or 10 of us regulars that knew just the basics but were constantly looking for new things to learn. I bet we each started a new thread here every day for every little new thing we learned LOL. This went on for like 5 years!

    Man I wish we could do some kind of reunion for all of us from 15 years back. Cody, Vinny, John, Neo and whoever else, first beer's on me!

  • Re: Which format do you want?

    I dont know what I think about the new format. Its not nearly as polished as the last version but its workable. Maybe with a few tweaks it can be solid. Either way I voted for the VBulletin.

    Ive been here since 2003 and I preferred the format before the last format when we had cool titles like Polk Guru and Polkster. I didnt like the last change either but didnt mind because I was here for the brand that I loved and used for 15 years. Now that the brand has gone way downhill and just about given up on anything other than entry level car audio Ive gone from checking in here several times a day to maybe once a month. The car audio forum is essentially dead now and when I signed on this evening I saw that there were only 23 members online. Thats pretty low. So Im wondering if the rapid decline in participation and active membership was the reason Polk decided to go with an obviously much cheaper forum engine.

    I dont know, this place just breaks my heart. About 2006 I BLED Polk Audio but lately I cant find much to like. I hate the new logo, I hate the girly heart thingy, I hate that theyve abandoned the high end and possibly even mid range market of car audio in favor of entry level gear, I hate their poor performing and trouble prone DEI rebadge amps, I hate that they discontinued the Signature Reference line and havent come out with anything new better than entry level since 2009 and I dont get the wood panel look to the website. Ill always have a soft spot in my hear for Polk Audio no matter how much DEI rapes the brand (MB Quart, Orion, a/d/s) and doubt Ill ever leave this place permanently. Ill always check in from time to time and maybe even make the odd post and keep hoping that the brand I loved returns. If that happens, I dont care what format their forum has, Ill be here supporting it.

    Sorry for the rant, I just get frustrated with all these just awful changes in the brand I loved and felt like I was more than just a consumer of, I felt like I was part of.

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