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  • Re: Eosone RSF1000 Speakers

    The Eosone speakers were initially developed, in 1995, for the Best Buy company to have their own good sounding speakers. The idea was that Polk would have Arnie Nudell design them (a completely different speaker builder from Matt Polk) and they would build them. This was done to allay any concerns from longtime Polk dealers. Later the speakers were picked up by the Crutchfield company. Polk worked very hard to keep the speaker line separate from the Polk one, hiring a different group of customer support reps, different phone lines.
    Arnie's idea was to have some of the sonic advantages of planar type speakers incorporated into a moving coil type speaker. Namely having opposite polarity tweeters and upper mid-frequency drivers placed on the rear of the cabinet. The product line testing was quite rigorous with separate binding posts allowing independent measurements for the forward and rearward components. All-in-all a really good design well done but less than ideal store demonstration capabilities.
  • Re: Polk Surroundbar 2000 red light blue light and green light alternate blinking

    It would be best to begin with Polk CS at 1-800-377-7655 select option 1, keep in mind the phone lines will be busy after the weekend.
    Regards, Ken
  • Re: Happy Thanksgiving To ALL

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
  • Re: Arnie Nudell: True pioneer of High End Audio has passed...RIP

    There's a Polk connection with him. The Polk built Eosone speakers were designed by him.
  • Re: Arnie Nudell: True pioneer of High End Audio has passed...RIP

    That is certainly sad news. He was directly responsible for me getting interested in perfectionist audio. I met him first when the Baltimore audio shop I worked for decided they wanted to sell Infinity speakers in the very early '70's. Arnie flew in from Chatsworth, CA. to check us out. Myself and two other friends, who would later become my partners in an audio shop in Silver Spring, took Arnie out for a tour of the city. His suggestions on what would really make his speakers sound their best led us to discover Audio Research and the trail for better sound began. Decca cartridges, Rabco tonearms and modifications to Dynaco ST70s and PAS3X all were from him. He later hosted our fledgling company at the CES, then held in Chicago, and introduced us to J. Gordon Holt, Saul Marantz, Lincoln Walsh, Rudy Bozak and Bill Johnson.
    Everyone who derives enjoyment from their audio systems owes a nod to Arnie "Noodle" and the other pioneers.
    I'm still trying to find the particular amp he suggested was the best.

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