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  • Re: This might be fun: thoughts about Mapleshade's products (specifically, wires)?

    His ideas on connecting cables remind me of what my friend and I tried many years ago. We took strands of Kimber Kable speaker wire apart and using packing tape placed a signal and ground return wire along the two edges of the tape, then put another piece of packing tape on top to hold everything together. Think long flat ribbon, sort of like enlarged 300 ohm twin lead, then put RCA plugs on both ends. They actually sounded really good, but would be hard to route lots of them, but no problem with the sound.
    Maybe I should make some more again.
  • Re: What Are You Listening To?

    Simon and Garfunkle, "Bookends", British vinyl pressing
    Bud Powell, "A Portrait of Thelonious", vinyl
    Rosa Ponselle, "The Artistry of Rosa Ponselle, vinyl (autographed, thrift store find)
  • Re: This might be fun: thoughts about Mapleshade's products (specifically, wires)?

    The Sonny Rollins concert was amazing from start to finish, beginning with my wife winning the tickets on a radio contest. For some reason I can't remember I was the only person able to go. I was a huge fan of his, read everything I could about his career and have a nice collection of his work. The club was the perfect size for a jazz concert and everybody in there was excited and he was fantastic. After a while he played a solo number and he just kept playing and I started to really get into what he was doing. I was like an unwanted village rat and he was the Pied Piper, completely entranced. First of all his tone was incredible, it seemed unbelievably strong and muscular and still dexterous and articulate. If he would have walked out the front door and down to the inner harbor I would have gladly followed and jumped in. Secondly he is just so connected to his horn, you can hear the thought enter his mind and come out of the bell of the sax perfectly expressed.
    This is a guy who, at the peak of his career, took three years off from performing to practice 15 hours a day all year long from the Williamsburg Bridge just to find "his sound". It all comes through when you listen to him play, just amazing.
  • Re: This might be fun: thoughts about Mapleshade's products (specifically, wires)?

    The most amazing musical experience of my life was hearing Sonny Rollins at Ethel's Place! Just unbelievable!
  • Re: sporadic doorbell-like buzz in polk 5000

    Welcome to Polk's forum. That's certainly not a symptom I'm familiar with, but give a call to: 1-800-377-7655 select option 1 when prompted.
    Regards, Ken

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