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  • Re: Odd M5 issue...

    The only device used in a Polk crossover that could do what you've described is a polyswitch.
  • Re: Blown RTi10 tweeters.

    Yes, you can test the tweeters by powering them directly at a very low volume.
  • Re: Karma giveaway from Polk Audio

    That's a crime, I'll let folks know what happened.
  • Re: SDA upgrade thread 2

    To clarify, the first communication between myself and Carlton was at the request of another CP member, asking me to have Carlton refrain from contacting, via PM, this other member. I did so and this began a conversation between Carlton and myself, he didn't initiate the complaint, but rather responded to my request. I reinstated all the deleted posts and forwarded the entire thread to Polk as an example of what needed to be addressed. The result is an ongoing initiative to make Club Polk a better place for everyone.
    As such I'll now re close this thread before any further damage to this effort can happen.
  • Re: Im getting irrate

    I talked with Kim this afternoon and made him aware of the problem and he's going to take care of it. I'm confident this will be handled quickly.

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