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  • Re: Im getting irrate

    I talked with Kim this afternoon and made him aware of the problem and he's going to take care of it. I'm confident this will be handled quickly.
  • Re: Good times

    For the sake of accuracy Vanilla had nothing to do with it. At the time of the changeover Polk's IT department was responsible for what archive material was resurrected in the new host. Previously the forum was under the administration of Polk's marketing department and when they were disbanded the IT department inherited it. Vanilla was merely the repository of whatever files Polk gave them. The IT department's first decision was to have the forum become a static resource for everything it had accumulated. In other words there would have been no ongoing posts just an accessible database of information. Myself and NAP (the other moderator, at the time) pointed out how much of a valuable asset the forum was and convinced the department to preserve it as much as possible and continue it as you find it now.
    Sure it might be an "alzhheimered" version of the old forum, but it's more than it could have been. Maybe stop complaining so much about what it isn't and work to build what it could become?
  • Re: PSW108 hookup to a receiver with a single speaker level subwoofer output

    Welcome to Polk's forum. The best approach might be to try connecting the speaker level bass output from the receiver to either the right or left speaker level input on the Polk. If your sub has one, set the low pass filter to the highest setting. Then adjust the volume level on the sub to get a good blend with the rest of the speakers.
    Regards, Ken
  • Re: DirectTV remote / issues with "Learning" SurroundBar commands.

    Let me forward this to one of the engineering guys I know.
    Regards, Ken
  • Re: Thank You Polk Audio!!!

    Me too, love that smile! All our love and well wishes to your daughter, Larry!

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