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  • Re: New Polk HTS Subwoofers

    @F1nut, I finally found out, the HTS does not have the capability to install spikes in them.
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

    You were right @nooshinjohn I am interested in this thread.

    Let me state for the record, SDA is NOT an EFFECT.

    @K_M in your first post you said effect 4 times, you are wrong, it is not an effect but a dedicated technology that was created. This is opinion, it is fact. In the SDA law listed below, no where in that is SDA listed as an effect.

    @heiney9 was not trying to troll you, neither is anyone else on the forum. They are all trying to correct the notion that SDA is not an effect.

    @aprazer402 quickly corrected the OP and others about how it is not an effect.

    As for the new SDA speakers that you all are talking about, I can neither confirm or deny that is the case. Unfortunately Michael Ditullo has stepped down from his role as Head of Design and left the company. I can say, we are using SDA in our new Magnifi Mini Soundbar which is available on and select dealers.

    Now, the bickering and instigating has to come to an end. We have had many discussions about this and about how we need to respect each other. And I do not see it in this thread.

    When it comes to SDA this is not we're agreeing to disagree to end an argument, SDA is not an effect, end of story. I urge everyone to read the SDA Law that I have listed below.

    If anyone has further questions or comments feel free to ask myself directly and I will get you the answer.

    @shanedrew, sorry your post has been hi-jacked. I hope you can find some SDA speakers in your area to enjoy!

    Thank you everyone for your cooperation.

    This is law when it comes to talking about SDA.

    You're familiar with "stereo," the basic two-channel left-and-right channel separation of audio information. What you probably don't know is that reproducing "stereo" from a pair of loudspeakers is less accurate than it seems. In fact, it can be downright inaccurate. This is the problem that Matthew Polk and the engineers at Polk Audio set out to remedy in the mid-80s, just as the audio industry was transitioning from "boutique" brands, popular with a handful of hobbyists, to more mainstream popularity. It was a time of great innovation, and Polk Audio, already an established innovator, was on the forefront.

    The problem with "stereo" was that it didn't really work. You sat in front of a pair of speakers, and your left ear heard stuff and your right ear heard stuff, and both ears heard information from both channels, left-and-right; each ear hearing information from both channels. It's called "interaural crosstalk." Interaural crosstalk occurs when left-channel (left speaker) information is heard by the right ear, and right-channel (right speaker) information is heard by the left ear. You can't avoid it, that's just the nature of sound. But it results in a completely unrealistic and inaccurate reproduction of sound, reducing the soundstage to a narrow "sweet spot," with muddy "stereo separation," and unrealistic "imaging."

    To more accurately reproduce sound as it was originally created live, with lifelike imaging and separation, Matthew Polk realized the vital importance of maintaining the integrity of the channel separation. To do it, he had to defeat interaural crosstalk. So Polk Audio engineers designed a complex passive-circuitry crossover network for a new set of multi-driver loudspeakers. It would use patented algorithms and innovative sound-phasing to effortlessly cancel interaural crosstalk between the stereo pair. They called it Stereo Dimensional Array Technology, and it produced "True Stereo," a completely new kind of sound, where the left channel information is delivered to your left ear, while the right channel information is delivered to your right ear, and never the twain shall meet. Each ear hears what it is meant to hear, with full stereo separation, as if the performance you are listening to is live.

    SDA Technology changed the sound of home audio loudspeakers. It delivered a dramatic, dynamic, broad, accurate, lifelike soundstage with pinpoint imaging and realistic reproduction. And Polk Audio's flagship SRS Series loudspeakers were built to deliver it at the most extreme, lifelike volume levels. Home audio would never be the same.

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