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  • Re: Why are the LSi25 plate amps so unreliable?

    Hello @mlistens03, we can take a look at the amp boards at our service center in Vista, CA. We will do a free evaluation and then call you with an estimate if we can repair them. Most likely these were purchased second hand so we can't be sure how the last owner treated them. The original LSi line is bordering on 15 years old at this point, we don't know how they were handled before.
  • Re: New Polk HTS Subwoofers

    Good morning @dolbyd!

    I'll be getting some specs for everyone this afternoon. I may have some slope charts as well.

    These subwoofers above and beyond the PSW series. I have had a chance to test out the new HTS10, the 10'' subwoofer and it has blown me away.

    The cabinets do match the Signature Series of speakers, which are also amazing, by the way. I highly recommend the Signature series and the HTS subwoofers.

    I'll check back in in a bit with specs.
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

    @K_M , you came into this thread and stated over and over that SDA was an effect, something you can just turn on and off.

    The members of this Forum are trying to help you and everyone else that may be confused, to understand the differences in certain technologies and what is best.

    Read the SDA Law that I laid out and the link that @heiney9 has provided. They are excellent resources.
  • Re: BRING @F1nut's OLD AVATAR BACK!!!

    Fair points Jesse.

    1. A gymnast who is doing her job is OK. I believe that was pulled from a Youtube video in 2012 published by

    2. This picture you shared here, is one I actually have not seen before. We have used her in other Polk Stock photos before. She is covered up, no mid-drift, no cleavage.

    3. The tattoo comment is way out of line.

    4. We are fixing product pages and we do make products that last a long time. Do some products fail? Absolutely. Every product in the history of man that any company has made has failed.

    5. My priorities are to keep customers, help customers and inform customers. If by changing a few avatars it will keep more customers then that is what I'm going to do.

    I'm not going to back down because a few people want to be bullies. That is what I'm trying to stop. I am the voice for those people.

    @Rick88, I would appreciate it if you did not bring others into this discussion.
  • Re: BRING @F1nut's OLD AVATAR BACK!!!

    Good morning Everyone, well this is a lively discussion this morning.

    That being said, avatars are not going to be debated. They need to be tasteful, end of story. There have been a few on here that have been changed, yes.

    @tonyb to answer a few of your statements.
    1. You don't get to decide what is offensive to someone else, that's not how it works. Just because the collective thinks an image or phrase isn't offensive does it make it so, I don't agree with that.
    2. It's only Ken and I here moderating the Forum. Vanilla is not involved in day to day operations, even in the slightest. Ken and I decide what is offensive and what should be taken down or changed. Disrespectful language towards another forum member, vulgar language, avatars or pictures that are not appropriate. It may seem snow-flakey or wishy-washy to you but I have not waivered or shown favorites to any members since I started moderating the Forum. Is that fair to say? I think I've stuck to a hard line.
    3. The picture you posted is a professional gymnast that we used at CES to promote the UltraFit headphones. She and the other gentlemen were jumping and flipping on the trampoline in the background. Who am I to tell a professional athlete how to do their job or what to wear to do their job.

    @Hermitism, I can look into that post that was deleted. I'm not sure which one that was and I was not the one who deleted it.

    @gimpod, it may be overreacting P.C. B.S. but it helps us, Polk Audio, as a company not to lose any more customers because they find something offensive on the Forum or they have a bad experience on the Forum, I'm not going to change what I'm doing.

    I understand everyone's frustration with the changes recently. You have come to expect a certain vibe on the Forum, I get that. Changes needed to be made and changes have been made for the better. I come in here and shake a few things and you wonder who I am and why I'm doing it. The reason is simple: KEEP CUSTOMERS. People talk more about their bad experiences more than their good experiences.

    The Forum collectively was upset that Polk Audio did not use it's own Forum to recommend to customers as a resource in a specific email. It was bad marketing or a stupid decision on our part, were some of the things that were said about that decision, by members of the Forum. You have been heard.

    I have spoken to many of you personally through DM and email messages. You appreciated me being here and trying to clean up the Forum. Now, since something didn't go the exact specific way you wanted it to, I'm the bad guy? I'm here trying to help all parties, I'm not just self serving because I want to be.

    I do appreciate this topic being brought up, I think it is a good discussion to have. I appreciate all of you and I want to keep working together with everyone.

    Sorry for the length, there was a lot to address.

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