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    Keep in mind that the output rating on receivers is measured at 1khz
    In addition to that it's not all about the watts but also current that the amp will provide

    Some yes, but this is what you need to truly see what they do!

    ...and some yes and no to that also. Nowhere does it give a measurement of current available, which is more useful than watts. The novice would look at those numbers and scratch their heads anyway. To be fair, most receivers don't publish an amperes peak to peak number, and for good reason to not embarrass themselves.

    Interesting enough, from that link....

    Yamaha RX-V573 A/V Receiver
    Five channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads:
    0.1% distortion at 20.8 watts
    1% distortion at 24.9 watts

    Seven channels driven continuously into 8-ohm loads:
    N/A (protection engages)

    So with 5 channels driven, your smacking a top end of 25 watts, with 8 ohm speakers.
    7 channels, the auto protection engages so it's pretty much going to be a cupcake for anything over smallish speakers....and only in 5 channel mode.

    That's what people need to know, in plain English. Just sayin'

    Well in all fairness, most of the 5 channels never run full range. Usually a subwoofer is used and that changes things drastically as far as power goes.

    We have one set up where we tried one of our cheap Yamaha AVR's, and running 2 Lsi15's it was quite capable.

    Our separate amp did better for sure, but not "That" much better if that makes sense.

    Not the ultimate in high power, but frankly, was much better than we were expecting.

    When running a sub, below 100hz, the output with 2 speakers is more than enough for most levels we would ever use.

    I agree better to have "More power",but at the same time, think AVR's are more capable than they are being given credit for.

  • Re: Diana Krall fans! New album

    My husband is not into her music much, but when I play her live Video stuff, he will watch...LMAO
  • Re: BRING @F1nut's OLD AVATAR BACK!!!


    Disagreeing with someone is not a personal attack or insult, nor does it show lack of repect. It is quite common on audio forums, and in fact is usually the norm.

    Seeking agreement/confirmation, and not getting it, is not just cause for attacking someone or insulting them either.

    If we all follow forum rules, and quit taking disagreement Emotionally and as an insult, I bet things will be just fine!

    Cheer up and smile!
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    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    Really? Because you make it a point to try and discount any experience that doesn't agree with your preconceived notions.

    You say that someone hearing a difference in cables is expectation bias...not that they simply have a different experience than yours.

    You say you can't tell the difference between a 320kbps MP3 and a FLAC file...and insinuate that if anyone else *CLAIMS* they can, they are experiencing expectation bias.

    You can't seem to grasp that everyone's experiences that differ from YOURS are equally valid and THAT is why you see people having a problem with you.

    The difference between *us* and *you* is we don't discount someone's experiences the way you and yours do. Instead, we share our own experiences and leave it there. You are the ones insisting that we are wrong because our experiences differ from what you seem to think is your own infallible sense of hearing.

    And then you resort to trying to convince people how wrong they are by spamming them with IMs until they have to threaten you with reporting to moderation.

    How about you try approaching it this way...when someone posts up something that doesn't agree with your line of thinking, before replying, say to yourself, "Self, Am I going to tell this person that they don't really hear a difference but only expectation bias?" If the answer is yes, then you have just proven me and everyone else who feels the same way right.
    Same goes for your propensity to blather on about ABX testing when again, there are other methods of testing just as valid that you tend to discount out of hand because you personally don't agree with them.

    You seem to be extrapolating many ideas and comments from several older somewhat heated discussions/posts.
    I will do my utmost to be respectful and consider all your views seriously.
    I truly hope you are able to also.

    Let's not dwell in the past. I truly hope we can all get along

    Above all else, we all need to be polite and respectful to each other.
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    ZLTFUL wrote: »
    rooftop59 wrote: »
    Sure it has much to commend it as a life philosophy or political principle, but as the man has said over and again, this is a BUSINESS with one goal and a clear hierarchical structure. Lots of you work for corporations whose main goal is the almighty dolla, why is it so hard to grasp here lol...

    The primary motivation here is not pleasing or placating anyone, it's selling more gear. Whatever is done in the forum is instrumental. The goal is $$$

    And while I completely agree with you here, that doesn't change the fact that there has indeed been placating to some. A small minority really, that have made the most noise. As they say, the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

    But this is Polk's playground and if we can't accept the rules (no matter how obviously disproportionately applied) then we should find another playground.

    What you call a "Small minority" in fact, is actually several dozen forum members, and most of the "Silent Majority" of the forum that simply either do not post much, or quit posting regularly due to the issues I mentioned on another thread, about "Why the forum is not mentioned" and how Polk does not appreciate the silliness anymore.

    2 or 3 people are not complaining about issues, it is several dozen or a large majority of the forum.

    @KenCustomerService If these numbers are wrong, please chime in.


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