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  • Re: This is sad

    cfrizz wrote: »
    Upstatemax wrote: »
    I don't consider that the "norm" though.

    Usually someone gets a couple of good answers, then the thread turns into an open mic night! B)

    This forum has a bad rep on other forums and that also isn't helpful, but fully deserved which is a shame.

    With all the "experience" that is supposed to be on this board, if all a poster can get is two helpful answers, and the rest is garbage, then that doesn't say a whole lot to recommend this board does it?

    Very few will remember the good, especially if there isn't much good there, or you have to wade through 20-50 posts of BS to get to it. But all will remember the bad impressions left, .

    Well said Cathy. Problem is, the guys that are doing this stuff, feel they are doing nothing wrong. Business as usual.

    Find 4 or 5 people to bash, call names, and Gang up on, now that Xcapri is gone.
    It does make the forum look silly.
    For all the good here, the bad is truly what most remember.
  • Re: running LSI 25`s on separate amps

    mikeyb128 wrote: »
    I found the lsi25 manual on line. No where does it mention bi amping, im guessing he might have found the lsi 15 manual by mistake.

    I just found the one I think he found.
    And it does mention Bi wiring and Bi amping. (*but says Lsi Series)


    Maybe a mistake from Polk, hard to say, obviously does not apply to Lsi25
  • Re: This is sad

    F1nut wrote: »
    A new email promo from Polk suggests going to Crutchfield, CNET and Audioholics for tips, no mention of Club Polk. A very sad state of affairs, especially suggesting Audioholics. The home of the naysayers is the last place I would recommend to anyone.

    lets see:

    Crutchfield, CNET, Audioholics, Versus F1nut going on a 15 page tirade on some guy for daring to disagree with something he said.

    Maybe sad is not the right word.
  • Re: Classic Infinity speakers


    One of the best speakers of all time, especially back then.

  • Re: 12 Gauge vs 16 Gauge??

    You guys are missing one fundamental thing.

    One making a claim that is out of the ordinary (most or much of the speaker cable claims would tend to fall into that category) to prove their claim, or it remains questionable.

    "Speaker Cable X does this"

    Someone gullible person says "Where do I buy it??"

    Someone not gullible says "And how are you sure?"

    I do not see much explaining about how people are sure.
    I see a lot of name calling,
    telling people they are not credible,
    telling people.. try it you will see,
    just trust me, and so on.
    Blind tests are questionable
    Here come the naysayers
    How dare you tell me what I can hear or not....


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