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  • Re: Which capacitor brands, and why...???

    OleBoot wrote: »
    F1nut wrote: »

    I've looked at this site a few times before. Do you give credence to this guy? I know nothing about him.

    No, he uses no controls to make his comparisons, and is aware of what he is using during his comparisons.
    That tends to make his "conclusions", extremely biased.

    Kinda like asking which is pepsi or coke and having the cans right in front of you with the names on them.
  • Re: Hybrid vehicles

    Toyota Prius here, at first thought was a bit odd, but love it now.
    In florida easily get over 50 mpg regularly.

    It will easily do 90 MPH with barely any wind noise!
  • Re: Polk SRT's,i got 'em!

    That is an awesome system.

    Have never heard the SRT system, but would love to!
    Read it was the ultimate Polk Speakers ever by several.
  • Re: T50 continous power handling??

    Welcome to the forum!

    A lot of times, the continuous is about half of the max. Maximum assumes only brief peaks of music or sound.

    Either way, neither number is truly a set in stone number.
    Just try to have enough clean watts that it will easily play at levels you need and a bit more.
    Clipping hurts speakers more than just "Too many" watts.
    Found a review of them:

    Just remember, with one 6.5" woofer, there is only so much they can take.

    What size room and what kinda listening levels do you normally use?
  • Re: Club Polk Perception

    heiney9 wrote: »
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    K_M wrote: »

    My last comment is that perhaps when you discover that everyone on a given forum, this one or otherwise, has a problem with you, and you alone, and that one fact is the only consistent thing tying everything together, perhaps the issue doesn't lie with them,but in some behavior you continue to repeat.

    I find this comment somewhat disturbing. I am hoping it was meant in jest, although you implied you do not jest with someone you do not know well.
    I find it quite hard to believe that "Everyone" on this forum has a problem with DuB, and likewise hard to believe you have spoken to literally everyone about him.

    I will even agree with you, at times, some of his comments seem :out of place" or could cause some of the backlash you mention, but to literally insinuate, Every person on the forum has some issue with him?

    I see the same 8-12 guys Bashing him, and a few others people, no matter what they say, then then going back and piling on over and over again, almost as if it is entertainment or a way to fight boredom.

    I seem to remember someone telling me about being embarrassed by how several in the forum behave.......... :*

    I will come right out and ask you. If this place is so horrible/intolerable, why not just
    stay away? When I joined this place, I acted like an a$$ on several occasions, got into some stupid back-and-forths with a few people, and wondered why I bothered logging in again. But after awhile, it started to occur to me that - A. the stuff I thought I knew about was nothing compared to what a lot of people actually did (WTH is a noise floor, anyway?), and B. I could learn an awful lot by reading more and posting less. Hence my fairly low post count, even to this day.

    Speaking only for myself, I am glad I stayed, and figured out what this place was all about.

    Stop trying to reason with an unreasonable person. They'll never get it. The world is out to get them at every turn.


    10 guys on an audio forum is not the world. Maybe to you it is.

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