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  • Re: Polk Signature Series Official Discussion

    tonyb wrote: »
    True, they are not run full range, the difference being in the drastic changes a movie soundtrack has. Those surrounds can be quiet as a church mouse one second, and a cannon shot in the next. Those quick transient responses require reserve power to handle, or that cannon shot sounds like a cap gun. Music is the same way.

    Running in 2 channel mode, you'd probably not have to worry about anything with fairly efficient speakers, but speaking for myself....I wouldn't even consider putting it on a 4 ohm speaker, unless you listen at very low volumes, but then your listening without any real dynamic impact.

    Turning up the volume will put stress on the receiver, introduce distortion....as the specs show, and possibly do a smoke dance around a tweeter or 2. Point is to err on the side of having too much power than you need, not walk the line between too little and possibly doing damage. Make sense ?

    All of what you say, makes sense in theory, but we have actually tried Running 4 ohm speakers as I said, and while theory says not a great idea, it was nowhere near as bad as we imagined is all I am saying.

    FYI, it would play fairly loud and still sounded decent is all. It did get a bit warm for sure, but never distorted or shut down or made the music sound bad.

    What AVR's have you tried this "Torture" test on?
    Are you speaking from actual experience or what you have heard?
  • Re: MP3 is dead!

    Vinyl baby! :D

    For all its "Charms" it has many issues.

    We tried to get back into it fairly recently, but I think after having digital files for years, and being able to immediately access any of our music, it was more of a novelty, fun and entertaining, but far too inconvenient.

    The fun ended when my little daughter decided to break a stylus off.
  • Re: What reputation do the SDA 3.1's have?

    I actually have run into Polk haters myself. Never stopped me from my thirty plus year love affair with them though............ :)

    I have learned, that "Haters" tends to mean, anyone that does not share one's view.
  • Re: This is sad

    cfrizz wrote: »
    I can understand why they did it. We are more of a "What speakers, gear should I get?" Rather than a "How do I set up my gear kind of a board."

    Instead of answering that question, we would be telling them they need to upgrade their receiver so that it has outputs so that they can get an amp, then they need..... :D

    So instead of getting set up info, they are being told to spend a few hundred more on other gear! ROTFLOL!

    There is something to be said about actually getting answers to the question you asked rather than expensive answers to questions you hadn't even thought of.

    Often great advice is given, but many times I see the........

    "You NEED to do this, and BUY THIS or, or we will call you names, Be condescending, or make rude remarks, say you are wrong, or if you try to discuss or debate it, you will be called a troll, and we will turn the entire thread into a huge immature joke, With all kinds of silly pictures and comments and keep bashing you until the thread gets shut down"

    Maybe that has something to do with it.
    Do any of you guys even consider that?
  • Re: What reputation do the SDA 3.1's have?

    analogluvr wrote: »
    I have a few long time audio file friends and I can attest to the fact they definitely look down on the polk brand. It is seen as mid fi by many of The typical audiophile crowd. I am looking forward to serving them a large plate of crow. Unfortunately some of them only hear what they believe not what they actually here.

    Same here.
    We have found that only the Lsi lines are seen as somewhat audiophile by friends that are into other brands.

    But I guess Polk always made a mostly affordable but nice sounding speakers, was never meant to compete with the better or best stuff, but more an affordable product.

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