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  • Re: CSi A6 popping at volume

    "popping" meaning over excursion I would assume?

    Geez guys any speaker fed loud enough deep bass will "pop"
  • Re: What Happened to Monday

    VERY good...we just watched it!
  • Re: Want to stick my toe in the "power cord" pool...

    F1nut wrote: »
    TForan wrote: »
    DSkip wrote: »
    TForan wrote: »
    DSkip wrote: »
    On a side note, I've never liked the term 'noise' when it comes to audio. The perception is that it is something you can hear. It is actually quite the opposite. You never hear it, but it's damned clear when it's gone that it was there.

    You have to remember that a lot of older guys here don't have the hearing acuity of someone like you with young ears. Unfortunately, it happens to all of us. Super tweeters? Ya, right.

    I have some of the worst ears you can imagine. I've done a ton of critical listening to get where I'm at. Besides, if you get the room right, most of these changes slap you in the face. It's when the room is bad that you don't hear these changes - you hear the room and it's influence on the sound.

    Lots of guys 50 plus can't hear above 16K Hz. No room change will help that.

    Considering that there's very little above 16kHz except the very top end of the violin and female voice what does it matter? That's not to mention the discussion is about the benefits of lowering the noise floor and also room interaction. Why do you assume this applies to sound only above 16kHz?

    I'm over 50 and have no problem hearing differences in cables, gear and recordings.

    With music, everything can affect the sound.
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

    BlueFox wrote: »
    My question is why does it matter if the sound stage is the result of recording musicians as they play, or is created by an engineer. It is still a sound stage either way.

    It is called a discussion.
    Not everyone is going to agree, or feel the same as you or a few guys you know.

    Ya know, be open to ideas, question what you believe, see how others feel or think.

    Is that not the whole reason for the forum and thread?
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

    Yet, no one is mentioning that almost all recordings are Studio created with multiple tracks, and there is no "Real event or imaging" to begin with.

    The intended Imaging is simply created in a room electronically by a guy that uses 2 normal non SDA speakers, by panning, level and phase.

    If the recording engineer mixes and masters on NORMAL non SDA speakers, that is the Standard of what he determines or manipulates the sound stage to be.


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