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    VERY good...we just watched it!
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    On a side note, I've never liked the term 'noise' when it comes to audio. The perception is that it is something you can hear. It is actually quite the opposite. You never hear it, but it's damned clear when it's gone that it was there.

    You have to remember that a lot of older guys here don't have the hearing acuity of someone like you with young ears. Unfortunately, it happens to all of us. Super tweeters? Ya, right.

    I have some of the worst ears you can imagine. I've done a ton of critical listening to get where I'm at. Besides, if you get the room right, most of these changes slap you in the face. It's when the room is bad that you don't hear these changes - you hear the room and it's influence on the sound.

    Lots of guys 50 plus can't hear above 16K Hz. No room change will help that.

    Considering that there's very little above 16kHz except the very top end of the violin and female voice what does it matter? That's not to mention the discussion is about the benefits of lowering the noise floor and also room interaction. Why do you assume this applies to sound only above 16kHz?

    I'm over 50 and have no problem hearing differences in cables, gear and recordings.

    With music, everything can affect the sound.
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    BlueFox wrote: »
    My question is why does it matter if the sound stage is the result of recording musicians as they play, or is created by an engineer. It is still a sound stage either way.

    It is called a discussion.
    Not everyone is going to agree, or feel the same as you or a few guys you know.

    Ya know, be open to ideas, question what you believe, see how others feel or think.

    Is that not the whole reason for the forum and thread?
  • Re: Thoughts on SDA's...

    Yet, no one is mentioning that almost all recordings are Studio created with multiple tracks, and there is no "Real event or imaging" to begin with.

    The intended Imaging is simply created in a room electronically by a guy that uses 2 normal non SDA speakers, by panning, level and phase.

    If the recording engineer mixes and masters on NORMAL non SDA speakers, that is the Standard of what he determines or manipulates the sound stage to be.

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    I found some comments by @K_M and @DSkip intriguing. I hope they will provide further insight.
    K_M wrote: »
    The part you guys are not "digesting" is that Many older members are the actual ones that wanted the forum to change, and how the behavour was to change.

    They would NOT post their true feelings openly in the forum as I do. You are making a huge assumption that everyone that has been here a while all agrees and is of the same mindset.

    Your profile indicates that you have been a member of this forum since February 2016. I find it odd that "other long term members" were afraid to discuss their views in the forum, yet placed such confidence in a member who had only been around for a few months. Why were these "long term members" so trusting of a relative newcomer, yet "afraid" to express their views in open forum? I mean, what was there to be afraid of? This forum doesn't send "enforcers" to someone's home if they have a different, or even controversial, viewpoint.

    Other questions:

    1. How many "long term members" expressed to you that they were living in fear?

    2. What changes did they want made and did they discuss them with Polk's management?
    K_M wrote: »
    And the other problem I see, many longer term members here repeat the same stuff over and over again, right or wrong, and other long term members not wanting to rock the boat or argue openly in the forum, simply say nothing or never disagree for fear of being bashed or made fun of.

    If long term members are repeating wrong information, other members have the right to present a corrective rebuttal and to cite any and all substantiating documentation. That's what I do in my professional life, personal life, and on Internet forums. I really do not get this "living in fear" mentality on an AUDIO FORUM of all places. It's not as if anything said on this forum has any effect on anyone's real life.

    When I became a member of this forum, in July 2001, there were some members who ridiculed me for my use of "old", "outdated" SDA loudspeakers. I responded, in technical detail, with the stereophonic performance benefits of SDA loudspeakers. Furthermore, I expounded on how the performance of SDA loudspeakers could be further enhanced by upgrades. Lastly, I really couldn't have cared less if someone laughs at my choice of audio equipment. I like what I like.

    I recall from several of our discussions that, when you were asked to provide a technical justification for a position you held, you either rested to the "authority" of others who held your viewpoint or you simply refused to answer. Your concept of "debate" seems to be "accept my views because they are what has been accepted by many for a long time".
    DSkip wrote: »
    I know some members who don't like how 'normal operations' happen around here. I know some who are members but never post because of it. K_M is not off base on that statement and I respect her enough for not 'outing' said members.

    What are these "normal operations" you speak of and how many members never post because of them? I ask because I have never, in the 16+ years I have been here, been afraid to speak my mind...and I have expressed some extremely controversial opinions, positions, and points of view here.

    I will address a few points you made.

    "living in fear"....maybe not the best choice of words to describe the situation here.
    "Fear of being ridiculed", may be a more accurate term.
    "Fear of Bickering" or 5 pages of insults, and tedious GIF's and silly pictures being posted that have nothing to do with the actual topic, pro or con.

    As to how many. I am not positive now as regards to an actual number, but for sure over a dozen, and most expressed, that there are several others that feel the same, but not sure if those numbers overlap with the actual members that did contact or were contacted by me.

    None of the issues here are truly about disagreeing. People disagree all the time.
    But the issues in the forum, from my honest view, and I have found that many others actually agree, is that there is a "Herd" mentality, to gang up on anyone that dares to disagree or is not part of the "Clique" or this "Family" a few keep mentioning.

    To address WHY people have "Come to me" with these concerns:

    I made it known, I did not like the Behavour openly in the forum, and then was ridiculed, called a troll, called former members names that had been banned, and told to leave, call a pot stirrer and several other childish terms.

    I Pmed several members, asking if this behavour was normal at the forum.

    I got several replies back and several unsolicited replies related to the bashing I took from a handful of long term forum members, "Apologizing" for the actions of certain members, trying to explain that "That is just how it is here, has been for years, but no one will actually DO anything about it"

    None of this is actually all that incredible to believe as DSKIP has mentioned also.
    I chose to protect the identities of the members relating their opinions as most mentioned they do not want to get "Involved" into non stop bickering and being called names and so on, for Daring to side with an "OUTSIDER" of the small Band of guys, that routinely do this stuff to newer people, or anyone they decide to "Gang up on"

    I even had one long term member confide to me, that they were purposely making snide comments to certain new members, to create more animosity within their uh "Family" of veteran members, cause they know they can set them off easily and enjoy watching the "Drama" unfold.

    A few told me, they "Pretend" to agree with some of the "Family" of veteran members, simply to "Get along", but in reality they have much different feelings or beliefs.

    So out of courtesy to those that PMed me, I shall Not mention their names.


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