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    Might actually have borrow his expertise. I'll have to buy extra beer and a bar of soap so he can take a bath in the lake. I hope he likes 30 year old Irish Spring. I found most of a used bar in a camping kit from when I was a teenager. Still smells ok. Can't imagine soap goes bad.

    Does it?
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    I've been called back by people because my number was spoofed.

    One guy kept calling me a liar and that he was going to come kick my butt.

    So I found him via the caller ID info through Google while he was screaming at me (I had hung up previously and he called back to scream more) and stopped him mid sentence and said "Hey, Joe Blow at 123 Any Street, Anywhere, NJ? Yeah, turns out you're only like 15 minutes from me. Given the traffic this time of day, I can be there in 20 minutes, give or take, so you can "kick my ****", does that work for you?"

    He backed off immediately and said that I was BS'ing him and I could get that info anywhere. So then I told him his wife's name, his email address, her email address and what dorm and room number his daughter was staying in at Hofstra University.

    I could hear the bricks he was pooing over the phone. When he finally shut up I told him "Now you're going to listen to me and good. I'm not the person calling you with scams. They just happened to be spoofing my phone number today with the robocallers which, consequently, are illegal both at the NJ level and the Federal level. I am sorry you have to deal with it but I'm in the same boat as you, further at that because I have to deal with people like you harassing me now. So I appreciate that you are pissed off and I understand where you are coming from. I feel your pain. I hope you understand now, though, that I am not the appropriate target for your anger and I am not the kind of person you want to piss off. So I'm going to bid you good day and I am going to hang up now. If I see your number come up on caller ID or get a message from you again after this point, I will be showing up at your house and I will have the police with me. Am I clear? I will call my phone company and ask what I can do about this, likely nothing but I will ask and that is the best I can do. So you have yourself a good day now."

    And I hung up. Never heard from Joe Blow again.
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    Your mom, @ZLTFUL

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