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  • Re: Hi folks, not that yall care

    Dude....let her go. I wouldn't have even bothered with counseling if she was just a GF.

    Relationships are work but they shouldn't be that hard.

    I can't believe I'm holding up lightman as sage wisdom but the dude is right. Get back to you.

    Get her gone and move on. I know you care and want to help her but it's not your responsibility. You've gone beyond what you could do and if she's not meeting at least halfway then she's the problem.

    I'm not sorry things are over. I was where you were and it was seriously killing me. High blood pressure, anxiety, hypertension...it was not worth it and for some who supposedly "loves you" to put you through that and not see the damage they are causing...yeah. Nobody needs that. Let her go rot in her drama filled disaster of a life. Don't let her drag you down with her. Life is far too short.
  • Re: Hi Sal

    If you have to resort to fear mongering about rumors, speculation and vaporware to get people to pay attention to your "message" then your message is not worth passing along.
  • Re: Tomorrow evening Wishbone Ash


    They are one of the most underrated bands from the 70's, I think.

    "Argus" is one of the top albums from the 70's, at least, if not all time.

    But I'm a big dork that likes obscure music so what do I know?
  • Re: Hey everyone

    A bunch of old names were "banned" in the forum upgrade. I forget why, seems like something got botched to me but whatever. They weren't really banned, though. It was just how inactive accounts got handled.

    If you want your old account back, send a PM to @KennethSwauger and he can get you straightened out.
  • Re: Atmos suggestions for my system

    Also, I have a DSW pro550wi as well and I gotta be honest, if you think it's the weak link you really gotta get your ears on one. It's a stellar performer! Far from a weak link IMO.

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