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  • Re: Do you ever reminisce about the old days?

    I miss the dark hair and flat belly more than the equipment, but it did sound pretty good back then.
  • Re: What is your all time favorite Wine?

    I have had a few expensive bottles of wine, $100+, including a very nice Penfolds which was much more than that, but they were all given to me. I mainly stick to sub-$25 bottles since I am the only one in the house that drinks wine.

    I get just as much enjoyment from a good $20 bottle as I did from that $400 Penfolds (which admittedly was a little too young). The best sub-$25 wine I have had was a couple bottles of 1999 Simi Cab which I stored for about 6 years. Great year for California cabs and a great example of one of them.
  • Re: Fantasy Football 2017 - anyone playing?

    I understand the frustration. I am in a group of 5 leagues of 10 teams each. Kind of a unique setup where at the end, the league winners all compete against each other. Anyway, I had the 4th most points of the 50 teams, and didn't even make the playoffs.

    One solution, that I can't get my other leagues to agree to, is to play a normal head-to-head match with the winner getting a point, and another point if you score in the top half of the league for that week. So, in other words, if you score the second most points but lose to the team with the most points, you don't get a point for the head-to-head, but do get 1 point for scoring in the top half.

    If you win, and score in the top half, you get 2 points that week. It takes some of the bad luck out of the schedule.
  • Re: Just got back from the barber / salon. What do ya think?

    That definitely takes commitment.

    In fact, should probably be committed.
  • Re: Yamaha RX-A1010 and Parasound HCA-1000A

    Too many Christmas presents bought or I would be in on the Yamaha. Great deal, GLWTS.

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