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  • Re: What is a good price for a pair of RT800?

    I have the CS400i paired with RT800i's in my home theater and love the sound. I was saying that I would recommend the CS400i, but if you can't find one, the CS245i would do until you find it.

    And to your other question, I used to own that same Sony receiver and liked it. I also used to own a Pioneer VSX 821, similar to your model, and again it wasn't bad, but there are a lot better options out there.

    Most people on here have more experience than I do, and most of their recommendations for an AVR seem to be Marantz, Pioneer Elite and Yamaha Aventage models. Search for the site for those brands and you will find plenty of reading.
  • Re: What is a good price for a pair of RT800?

  • Re: What is a good price for a pair of RT800?

    RT800's for fronts and RT600's or even RT400's for rears or sides works well. A CS400 or CS350 will make for a nice system. Even a CS245 will do until you find a bigger center.

    If you have a center, even if it's from a different speaker line, I would use that until you can find one that matches the other speakers, like those mentioned above.

    Sounds like you have the speaker "bug". Depending on how you amplify them, more speakers will not make the system sound better. A good 5.1 system is generally the best if you only have an AVR driving them.
  • Re: What is a good price for a pair of RT800?

    If they are in good shape, that's a very good price. I don't see them for sale around here a lot, but they are usually in the $100-150 range if they are in nice condition.
  • Re: Pretty nice score this morning

    I hooked up the RT800i's and added the Def Tech PF15TL+ sub. Wow, what a difference over the rather small 180 watt Yamaha sub.

    From what I have read, this sub doesn't dig deep enough for some, especially considering it's a 15" driver with 500 watts, but it sure takes my little HT system to a different level.

    Still have some tweaking to do but it definitely adds a new dimension to a movie. Might not be ideal for music but that system is hardly ever used for that.

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